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[SPOILERS]Ben's character and deeds

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Either you saved Carley or Doug. These great characters shall be avenged. Yeah, Lilly killed them, BUT Ben was giving the extra stuff to the bandits, wich caused the whole thing.

These were great characters, ones who shouldn't be forgotten. Ben, a stupid little teenager who is more scared of everything then a 12 year old.

Please, by joining this thread, you 100% guarantee that you WILL kill Ben, at the first time you get.
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  • I will be really disappointed if TT doesn't include a point to which i can decide ben's fate. Personally, when I found out it was really Ben stashing the supplies I wanted him out right then and there. Lilly's point of stealing supplies is like sneaking into your room and slitting your throat is dead on. Because Ben didn't man up, Carley lost her life.
  • I think he'll probably die while saving someone else's life. That would be "about square" to quote the Bride from Kill Bill.
  • Luckycharm;662390 said:
    I think he'll probably die while saving someone else's life. That would be "about square" to quote the Bride from Kill Bill.
    This would be the only way I would regain any respect for Ben.
  • I want Ben to die and I would do it myself but that goes against everything I've been teaching Clem. I will NOT hestitate to murder the person on the walkie if they harm her in ANY though.
  • I honestly can't understand why so many people are mad at Ben for Carley/Doug's death. IMO, the fault for that is 100% on Lilly. Okay, it was Ben's deal with the bandits that set things in motion leading to that point. But there's no way he could have predicted Lilly becoming so completely unhinged and murdering someone in the group for absolutely no good reason. He didn't force that psycho to pull the trigger. In fact, he was trying to talk her down.

    And really, Ben's deal with the bandits was probably the only thing that kept them from attacking the motel sooner than they did. The only thing I can really fault him for is not coming to the group and telling them about it when he first made the deal. But even that's pretty understandable if you think about it from his perspective. Lilly wanted to toss him back out to the walkers from the start. Kenny was against bringing him back to the motel, and he openly insults Ben's ability to contribute. We'd already seen that Kenny's willing to kill people in the group if there's even a slight possibility that they pose a threat. Even when Lee and Carley talk about him, you can tell from the way they talk that they don't think much of him. With folks as welcoming as them, why would Ben trust them? Treat a guy like an outsider long enough, and eventually, that's how he's going to start seeing himself.

    Personally, I still trust Ben more than I trust Kenny. Especially after the way that Kenny didn't even lift a finger to help Lee while he was being attacked by a pile of walkers at the beginning of Episode 3. At least with Ben, even when he screwed up, he was still genuinely trying to help.
  • I think Ben is stupid and made a mistake but does he really deserve death for one MISTAKE? He didn't knowingly cause someones death. I mean pretty much every person in the group has done something just as bad if not worse by this stage.

    I would feel less sorry for him if Lily had of shot him instead of Carley/Doug but after that incident there's been enough death and we're running out of people from the original group.
  • The13thRonin;662577 said:
    we're running out of people from the original group.
    Exactly all the more reason Ben should have died instead of Carley.
  • I don't know when I look at Ben I'm just reminded of what happened to Carley, Katjaa and Duck. Though he didn't pull the trigger he was indirectly responsible for what happened.

    Because of this I just can't grow to like him but i don't think he deserves to die. He's just a naive and scared kid who still has not adjusted to his circumstances. Also you'd be doing Carley and Doug a huge disservice by murdering him, since they both stood up for him.

    If Lee has the option to save him from something i'll take it, but after that he's on his own. If i have the option I'm just going to just let Lee travel with Clem.
  • darham175;662582 said:
    Exactly all the more reason Ben should have died instead of Carley.
    I consider Ben as being from the original group now. Once you've been with the group for almost 2 whole episodes you're pretty much family.
  • Family doesn't sell out family. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the guy who thinks bandits are honest and trustworthy people who arent lying about his friend. Ben vs. Duck "my dad said I'm dumber than a bag of hammers" whatever his last name is, I say Duck is smarter.
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