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  • In this fictional world with so few to trust, much less like, I miss Carley. Her death almost makes me wish this episode hadn't come out.
  • This taught me that if anyone tries fuck with my people, they will regret it.
  • I know a lot of people were saying before the release that Carley/Doug would die for technical reasons because TTG basically has to do twice the work for the role of one character. I wasn't sure about that myself. There are certainly game companies that would do that, but as far as I know, this is the first game Telltale has done where player choices are really at the center of the gameplay. And it's not like these are particularly long episodes anyway. How much extra work is it to put in a few more conversations for another character? So I was waiting to see how they would handle that, but I was also thinking it would be kind of lame if Carley/Doug did die because that would pretty much invalidate the choice you made at the pharmacy in Episode 1. They both end up dying anyway, so what does it matter?

    But to Telltale's credit, I have to say that when the time came, I didn't feel that way at all. I think they pulled it off quite nicely. Even though I was kind of watching for it through the first few chapters, when Carley was shot, I was still shocked, and angry, and saddened all at the same time. All the emotions you want them to evoke in a TWD game. Really, all of the character deaths in Episode 3, but Carley's in particular, were some beautifully tragic moments. I'm having a hard time thinking of another video game death that's been this moving since Aerith in Final Fantasy VII.
  • iMuzzaa;661743 said:
    I was devastated, I left Lily to die for it.
    Same here, I think she got what she deserved since I rather have Carly or Doug on my team. Now I lost both.
  • Definitely a sense of loss over Carley and it has dampened my excitement for episode 4. Clem is the last purely good thing left in this game and I'm very afraid for her. I wonder if TTG underestimated fan reaction over Carley's death and how they handled it.
  • Shadowknight1;662569 said:
    Okay, I'm gonna say it, I haven't played the game yet. I've been watching one of my favorite LP'ers playing through the episodes on YouTube and been enjoying his reactions, and I have rarely heard stunned silence out of him, but this f***ing moment did it to him, his wife that was watching him play, and me. I totally sympathized with his decision to leave Lilly behind. No matter what she thinks Carley may have done, it wasn't worth killing over. **** you Lilly. I wonder if I can kill her off early when I start to play through this game. I wonder how many people would still bring Lilly along after that.
    who is the youtuber?

    on topic..nope, didnt see it coming...at least, not there
  • I was gutted. I wanted Lee to connect more with Carly. I haven't gotten to the bottom of the person responsible for stealing the supplies as yet, but I'm just really sad about this.

    The only person I like at the moment is Clem and Kaatja. Kenny is a bit of a prick and that new hobo guy... I don't know yet.

  • Carley's death dampened and hindered the games motivation to continue, there's a real lack of connection with the character development, besides Kenny and Clem now. Don't really care where it goes now.
  • If it's any consolation to the Carley-choosers, Doug died in a very boring way
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