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Spoiler question about the end ?!!!! Don't open unless you've played episode 3

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So at the end we hear a guy respond on Clem's walkie talkie saying he has Clem's parents and we see Clem's been talking to him for a while and Lee is after this "guy" who is not seen just the shape of him , was wondering , who do guys think it is ? he knew about Clem and Lee and everyone else, either his a creep or he know's them , maybe Lily informed someone ? but then she's not coming back for the next 2 episodes is she ?
you're thoughts?
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  • She could have not actually knew that she was talking to someone. Maybe during a lot of those pretend talks when Clem thought no one was listening, and secretly was listening to the things Clem had been saying
  • How would Clem really know her walkie talkie was broken without the other one to test it with?

    Clem's been "talking" to her parents on the walkie talkie since the beginning. What if the guy in Savannah has some sort of ham radio on the same frequency that allowed him to hear her one-sided conversations to her parents about Lee and the group? He would have had all the information he needed prior to actually speaking to Clem as they got closer to Savannah.
    FoxxyFox;659083 said:
    The guy on the walkie-talkie had also a accent and talked weird, that is for sure a pedophile.
    I didn't know pedophiles had an accent; learn something new everyday.
  • BlankCanvasDJ;662501 said:
    Glenn had the second walkie, but there's no reason he would have taken it with him to Atlanta either. That means he either left it at the hotel with Lee and the group, or he dropped it somewhere in Macon.
    If the other walkie was at the motel, it could have been stolen by bandits. Or Jolene could have taken it when she took Clem's hat. Either way, whoever has it has to stay close to the group to keep talking to her - which either means they're following Lee and company, they knew their destination and beat them to it or...the call is coming from inside the train!
    You don't seem to understand. Walkie Talkies don't only work in pairs. All it takes is for two people to find the same frequency or channel, and they can talk to each other. It doesn't have to be the Walkie Talkie that Glenn had. It could be a random walkie talkie that some stranger purchased or found somewhere far away.
  • The letters on the train were PERV so I don't think it could be much more obvious.
  • Cyreen;662684 said:

    I didn't know pedophiles had an accent; learn something new everyday.
    I don't mean it that way ;) lol I don't want to say that people with accent are pedophiles lol
  • Yertos;659001 said:
    I don't know much about walkie-talkies but what kinda range would they have? And how far is Savanna from Macon?
    Fisher-Price must be using military grade equipment for that kind of range
  • MakersWax;662700 said:
    The letters on the train were PERV so I don't think it could be much more obvious.
    i loled
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  • dustpuffs;662090 said:
    I don't think Clementine lied about her walkie being broken; I think she either thought it was broken and it actually wasn't, or Chuck did something to fix it.
    I think honestly, the batteries died or something. You never actually examine the walkie, you just take Clem's word for it. And in the end of Ep. 2, You receive batteries for the recording device and Clem get's some for her walkie too. I think it was then that she got it working.
  • I think it's definitely some sort of aged pedo man. You can tell from his voice. I reckon he has been listening to her since they were at the Motel and started talking to her on the train and blackmailed her into not telling anybody, threatening to hurt her parents. He might also be the guy who hurt Clem's dad way back when you listened to the messages in her house. I don't think that shadowy figure will be him though, Telltale like to mess us around in their trailers :mad:
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