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STUCK in the train ep 3

posted by skwaterhouse on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users
I have a macbook 13" and I'm stuck on the control panel. I can't seem to flip the last switch because for some reason, my bluetooth mouse won't move all the way to reach it. it can barely reach the second to last switch. The cursor won't reach using trackpad either.

the cursor seems to work fine in the main menu, moving all the way to the end of the screen. It's just in-game that's the problem. Is there anything I need to change on my system preferences or something?
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  • please help! do i have to reinstall from steam again?
  • So what is it you are having problem with? Is it a mouse issue or are you in the wrong spot? The last switch for the train is not at the same place as the other switches, its outside the main cabin, second set of doors from where you get on the train.
  • I am having same issue. The mouse while playing the game will not go all the way to the right. In game menu, when it switches to the traditional looking mouse cursor it can go all the way to the edge as normal.

    Having a problem with the train because of it. It's on the panel in the engine cabin, on the panel labeled 6. I can't reach the last switch on the right of the panel and it needs to be flipped. As OP stated, the mouse cursor barely will read the second to last switch.
  • thank god, I thougt I was the only one with the problem. There's just no way to proceed because the last switch can't be flipped on when inside the boxcars with Kenny. And it can't be the Bluetooth mouse I think because the trackpad won't go all the way either. I hope theres a quick fix soon because I'm keen to finish the episode
  • Also I'm under Windows 7, not Mac like OP.
  • How do I get the train unstuck?? Having trouble figuring that part out.
  • How do I get the train unstuck?? Having trouble figuring that part out.
  • So a rewind to beginning of chapter fixed the problem.

    Odd thing is it must have had to do with some save progress it saved. Before trying a rewind I uninstalled it and redownloaded from Steam. Save files worked fine progress wise (whew, lucky) but mouse still wouldn't go to right still. Did a rewind and bam, mouse went much further to the right. Knew it was going to work then, and have confirmed at the panel.
  • mrsromo;662902 said:
    How do I get the train unstuck?? Having trouble figuring that part out.
    You need to start the train first. You can't unstuck it before. Just get any of the tools and use it AFTER you completely started the train. Before has no effect
  • Sorry if this might be a silly question, but how do you uninstall from Steam without ruining your saved files? And did you uninstall everything or just episode 3?
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