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TWD: Mac - ep3 download stuck at 99.5%

posted by doushington on - last edited - Viewed by 2.4K users
i'm trying to download ep 3 for mac but it stop (after a really long download) at 99.5%.
then the walking dead app quit.
i tried several times but it always crash before the end.
i'm using mountain lion.
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  • Same problem here, a lot of people here seem to be having this problem. Waiting for telltale to sort out a fix. I've just tried closing every single possible application before running TWD game hoping that would work but have had no luck
  • Same problem... just throwing more on the pile on the many open threads until telltale maybe at least responds...
  • Not a "f%$#ing" gain!

    What is the problem? Mine stops at 99.5% also, then crashes.

  • Try setting every graphics setting to it's lowest including resolution set to 640 by 480.
    I know it sounds bizarre but worked for me.
    Only then I was able to download episode 3, and it came down much faster for some reason.
    This was after many failed attempts.
  • thanks a lot CB123 !
    it worked for me the second time (the first time the game was windowed).
    it's nice to have clients taking care of technical support...
  • CB123, thanks this solution worked for me too.
  • thanks a lot CB123 !
    it worked for me the second time (the first time the game was windowed).
    it's nice to have clients taking care of technical support...
    Glad it helped. :)
    I did it in full screen also.
  • Same problem here. Third time stuck at that level. here is the scariest part: Even stuck at 99.50% the program is transferring 300 KB /sec. I had the same problem in India downloading episode 2. It killed my data cap for landline DSL... Even here in the US for episode 3, leaving this on overnight has resulted in transferring over 5 gigabytes of data to still not get the game. TellTale Games this is really irresponsible coding...

    Why is TellTale not even acknowledging all these massive errors? This bug is probably costing TellTale money as well as since it seems to be needlessly retransfering sent data from their servers. I think that is also related to why the transfer goes rapidly for the first 40% and then drags to a crawl for the later portion.
  • e-mail:

    What I sent: Dear Support,

    I really mean no offense, however there are major issues with the Walking Dead Game on Mac and they are damaging to the end user and probably costing TellTale Games money in server usage as well as potential lost sales.

    Each episode seems to be 450-700 MB or so. However the amount of data and time to download seems exceedingly out of proportion. This seems to be directly related to the Mac download problems. In particular with episode 3 I have tried downloading over 4 times. 3 times it has reached 99.50% and then stopped. What is alarming however is that it continues to download at a perfectly speedy 300 KB / second according to activity monitor (and I verified by shutting all other applications, etc.) for over 3 hours. In other words, it downloaded nearly 3 gigabytes of data without getting .5% of your program. It has done this three times.

    There seems to be some manner of verification or redownloading algorithm running afowl. In general both Episode 2 and Episode 3 download RAPIDLY at first, but take exponentially more time the further the download continues. Why can't you just make a delta patch to be downloaded separately? I can redownload episode one 3 times with no problem in the time it takes to fail to download episodes 2 or 3.

    Besides my theory that this is costing serious server load, this is a major disservice to your customers. I was living in India when Episode 2 was released, and I essentially used 25 gigabytes of data to fail to install episode 2, costing (being the only user on the network, left on overnight), costing me over $30, more than I spent on the game itself. This was 2.1 mbps sustained DSL.

    I am aware that Steam's version is more reliable with downloads, however my experience has been that the Steam version has save game problems on the Mac, and, if installed, seems to cause them in the non-steam version.

    I think your company would do extremely well to be more open about what problems you are having and anticipate. I realize that coding can be unpredictable and complicated, especially when code is shared across platforms. Still, I think you attracted a lot of new customers with this release. I certainly loved episode 1 and ave never heard of your company. However, at this point, this is actually the worst response to widespread problems that I have seen. I've been using computers since 1986...

    Anyhow, please at least respond to this e-mail and put out a few token posts on your forums that are full of complaints. I really want you folks to succeed, but at current I am one of many very very frustrated users who are becoming increasing vocal because of the nonresponse.

    Sincerely, Karl Gruschow
  • Have had the same problem 3 times now too. Never had any problems with anything with episodes 1 and 2 before. No glitches etc. Hopefully they will get this solved. I am in no rush to play the game NOW, but think everyone who's paid for the games episodes ("up front") should be able to at least download the content after release without problems.. Small in game glitches and bugs seem more forgivable. How ever, I have faith in TellTale to get this fixed. Hopefully asap.

    When did you send your e-mail Karl?
    It'll be exciting to see what the answer turns out to be..
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