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A Question about Saves.

posted by fangorn on - last edited - Viewed by 383 users

I've just downloaded Ep. 3 for PC. When I click my save game to play, there is no Continue button like there was in Ep. 2 title screen, I'm getting a PLAY button instead. Does this mean my save is not recognized or should I press the continue button which appears in Ep. 2 title screen instead of pressing the PLAY button on Ep. 3 title screen?

Can someone with appropriate/similar knowledge elaborate here?
(I don't have more than one save)
Thanks in advance.
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  • Your saves are not recognized by the game. Welcome to the club.
  • What an epic fail, for a game that's supposed to remember the choices you make.

    As Wrex said, join the club..
  • We should throw a forum party or something for all of the people having this problem. Hey, do check out the game support section of the forums, where apparently some people are able to fix their problem by messing with some files. Not me, but hey, might work for you. Otherwise, yeah... welcome, indeed.
  • Same problem for me, what makes me sad is there's absolutely no comment from TTG staff about it either.
    Terrible handling of this I must say.
  • Same issue, but they've already got our money so I guess we don't matter enough for any support, heh.
  • Guys,
    Mike said:

    What you're seeing is normal. If you selected the save game that had your Episode 1 and 2 data on it and Episode 3 loaded as soon as you clicked Play, then all is well.
    I have a peace of mind now! Just wanted to share it in case you can't be sure like I was. So thing is, if you're in the same boat as me, if the game didn't ask from you to generate any random decisions and ep. 3 is loaded as soon as you clicked that PLAY button, your decisions are imported!
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