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Your opinion of/reaction to meeting Chuck, Omid and Christa? Episode 3. [Spoilers]

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I'm curious to know how you guys reacted to meeting and generally what you now think of these new survivors. :)

Personally, I was so emotionally drained after the previous horrific events of the day, I could hardly muster a fuck to give about these new, seemingly very interesting people. XD I just wearily went into automatic threat assessment mode and when I felt satisfied that they posed no obvious danger to our shambled remnants of a group, I decided they could all go to hell and fuck for all I cared. Pardon the language, but I feel it fits. XD

I must admit that I started to warm up to Chuck during the train ride. He seems like a cool dude, had some good advice and I shared a swig of hobo rum with him. Good times. The 'candy' dialogue upon meeting him may have been the only laughs I got in Episode 3 too, besides the 'Duck Greyson' stuff. That shot of Ben stuffing his face with hobo candy like a little kid was priceless. XD
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  • Shane.Granger
    I also think Christa is the intended romance option for Lee.
    I am surprisingly ok with this. Mostly because I like my women like I like my drink: Bitter, dark, and able to reach things on the top shelf at the grocery store.
  • Don't like Christa. She is like Lilly always bitching and already trying to argue with me when I went to the trainstation. Asking about me being able to protect Clem. girl, you just met us, and I have taken care of her for months now, so stfu stupid bitch. As for possible romance: no way. Her attitude, her looks... she is like the opposite of a possible romance. I'll leave her to Omid.

    Omid well he is weak and obviously the beta male in the relationship.

    Chuck seems cool so far. He seems spot on and doesn't hide his opinion even if it's ugly.
  • Charles seems okay to me. He showed up at a real low point for the group (what's left of it) but seemed to understand life in a ZA.

    Something is not right with Christa and Omid. It's just weird to see two people on an overpass just what...out stretching their legs? No weapons, supplies, no reason for being there at all. Able to get on a train going in the opposite direction of where they say they are from.

    Take Lee and Ken in the beginning of e3. Had someone driven up in a car and seen Lee and Kenny they would have thought...Hmmmm armed, have supplies in Kenny's backpack or out gathering supplies. Their base is somewhere else nearby. That is, the way Lee and Kenny where outfitted matched where they where and what they were doing. Even if offered a ride to the coast Lee and Kenny couldn't just up and go. Just makes me wonder about Christa and Omid....why do they have no gear?

    Off topic, that helicopter pilot/crewman that Lee fought in the pharmacy. I know Lee hit him in the head a couple of times but he/it was still alive when it got impaled on some rebar sticking out of the concrete. It was alive, then seemed to "expire" from the chest wound caused by the rebar. Did that walker die from a cause other than massive head trauma?
  • Just replayed it, first time I thought Christa said she was the one that was into history, rethinking the romance thing. I still think they're good though, Omid already saved Lee's life and he's only known him a couple minutes. Christa also seems to genuinely care about Clem.
  • Chuck is an alright guy, and my only problem is why he has candy. I'll avoid getting to close to him, and Christa and Omid as well after the events of the day. In the end, I'm looking out for those in the original group, because Kenny and Clem are now the only ones who were with Lee from the beginning.
  • To be honest, when I first saw them I was relieved. And after the inner-turmoil the group had gone through. Just in that day alone, I was ecstatic att he thought of bringing new blood into the group. They were untainted by the grudges, the heartbreak, and the animosity that was forged in the Pharmacy/Motor Inn/Dairy Farm, respectively. Not to mention they would likely be useful in Savannah. I thought to myself. They're just what we needed at that point. An injection of "normal"

    Chuck, although, is a little sketchy. But, all in all, I think he's relatively harmless. Just a guy who was "taught in the school of hard-knocks' He's blunt and has alot of wisdom. Don't think he'll be particularly useful. Maybe get him cleaned up and his blues muscician sensibilities will boost morale. I see him as being a guy my Lee can turn to for advice.

    Omid, I think will be a great addition. Not sure what his skillset is quite yet, obviously. But I like his attitude and optimistic outlook (which we're in desperate need of). He's like a Glenn analogue. Altho, with the messed up leg, I dunno about his future with the group.

    Christa is pretty headstrong and self-reliant, it seems. I saw her immediately as a lvoe interest while speaking with her. Though, I came to find out theyw ere together much later on the train. Thought they were just friends at first. She seems level-headed and like she can handle herself. Just hope she doesn't get any grandiose ideas, cause now that things have taken this turn for the worst. I see Lee stepping up to more of a leadership role
  • I kinda like it that you now...halfway through the series have to deal with characters who you have no idea will react under certain situations. In Episode 1 more or less you were shown that Kenny will always protect his family, and friends...Carley is a great shot, Doug is a tech guy who is willing to risk his life to protect someone, Lilly sees herself as a leader and Larry hates you. Even in Episode 2 with Ben and Mark they are quick to show what they are.

    But here? Chuck good be anybody. He good be a nice guy, really trying to help you or may kill you in your sleep for supplies. You know nothing about Omid and Christa, only that they were on the road even before this whole thing started.

    I really do not know If I can trust anyone from them. But that is great...I told them who I am, and they took it well enough...I think? But I'm not certain if that was smart.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    I was looking forward to Christa and Omid. Unfortunately, Christa is a pretty negative person. ;)

    I expected Kenny and Katjaa to start criticizing the hell out of Lee for how he raises Clementine (possibly after their loss of Duck and their longing for a new child). Well, that train has departed. But Christa filled the role immediately. I have to watch that lady. :o
  • I am anticipating future problems with Christa wanting to take Clem away from Lee.
  • I liked the little role reversal between Omid and Christa, and the part when Lee dangled him off the edge of the bridge made giggle, even after what happened to Duck and Katjaa.

    I really like Chuck, or as I know him, the narrator from Bastion. He fills the role of the old wise guy beautifuly, I wonder where he was when the walkers first struck.
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