TWD: episode 2 won't start

Hi everyone, I just bought trough steam the walking dead the other day, and when I want to start episode 2, it simply doesn't! After I click on play and the loading is done, the screen goes black, showing the cursor, my inventory (with the fire axe) and I can hear some background noises, but the screen is completely black and I can't do anything except closing the game and restarting.
The other 2 episodes work fine, does anyone know why is this happening and know a way to fix it?


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    Happen to me... dunno sorry..
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    Hey i was having similar problems before, I figured out a way that worked for me but you have to delete all your saves and start from square one unfortunately. I'm not sure if this makes a difference but I'm running my game in compatibility mode with Windows 98/ME.

    What I did was I uninstalled the game from steam, then after it was uninstalled I went to the TellTaleGames(where the saves are) folder in "my document" and completely deleted it. Then I went to the steam files [steam->steamapps->common] and deleted the walking dead folder. Reinstalled the game and all three episodes work.

    If you're dead set on keeping your saves, there are other methods people used on the fourms so you can try those first but they didn't work for me but this did
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