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Xbox Lost Save Fix

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xbox fix
hey right ive spent all day with the same problem but i think ive fixed it try this.
when it says choose random choices press B to go back. when it pops up the screen that shows your woefully empty saves press the guide button and sign out. you are then given a message saying you must be signed in with the profile that purchased the game to play. sign back in. et voilia my saves where back after i chose device option before the start screen
it worked for me it might work for you.
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  • Worked for me as well.
  • Didn't work. I won't purchase ep 2 because ep 1 won't save my game. It saved once the day I got it. I went back to make sure and my save file was there. Later after turning my Xbox back on sure enough my saved game was gone. Idk what else to do
  • The problem is with the game not checking for storage devices before starting up. You can tell if your saves will be present or not if when you're at the "Press Start" screen, if it brings up the storage device window or not. If you press start and it immediately goes to "connecting..." you will not be able to play from your previous saves without logging out and back in or restarting the game. And as for when it actually works, it seems to be luck of the draw. I've had to log in and out 33 times to get it to work, and I've had it work on the 2nd try.
  • Is this really the fix? To sit like morons and log in and out until it allows us to play? What's up with this game? From EXTREMELY delayed releases to shitty save game management. Really frustrated with this product.
  • Just logged in and out 20 times and nothing. Wish I'd checked this forum before I downloaded. What a joke.
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