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Episode 3 - Where have you died? [Spoilers]

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Come on, admit it. :D

I died once when the bandits were holding the group hostage at the motor inn. I took too long responding and they fed me a lead salad for the trouble.

I also died about 6 times in a row to the pair of zombies in the boarded-up train station, though I blame that on poor game mechanics. I kept trying to pick up the weapon on the floor but Lee would just 'look' at it. I assumed I wasn't close enough to reach it. Took me a while to notice that you actually have to manually change your cursor function from 'look' to 'pick up'. I hate 2 on 1 zombie boxing. XD
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  • I died more in the raid than I died in the previous 2 episodes.

    I got shot point blank in the head by the first bandit by taking too long to answer. The timer went so quick.

    There was a specific spot that the bandits could get to on the right hand side of the RV that resulted in your death frequently. It was very frustrating.

    Lastly I died twice in the Station. Once because I looked at the prying tool, the second time because I decided to punch one of the Walkers. Then I realised I had to walk backwards and get the pipe from the door. Which I couldn't understand. I thought removing the tool would make the room dark and I couldn't see what I was fighting.

    EP3 had a lot of issues besides the sloppy narrative, faux choice and script.
  • In the train station :P, took me a while to figure it out to change options between look and take :O
  • I died afew times during the bandit assult and then once at the station when I had to shoot the last walker. Just too slow. This episode seemed alot harder than the last two.
  • count me for the Train station, about 6 times.... yeah, first walking wrong direction, then punshing to much then looking at the wrench. Waiting all the time for Clem to shoot. Why the hell i showed her how to do it?
  • Died at the boarded up train station twice (I blame bad controls) and when the bandits raided the Motor Inn
  • Same for me as many other posters... took several deaths before I figured out how to grab the wrench instead of just looking at it.
  • died 6 times during the Bandit raid. and once during the train station battle vs the double team.
  • lol, this makes me feel really bad.

    I must have died easily 40 times in total!

    When the bandit's raided, I kept looking for something to shoot, like a gas tank, or something that would block the Bandits from coming in. I just kept trying, thinking i'm missing something til I realized, just shoot them! proably died 20-25 times in total at this one scene!

    I saved Doug, so when the zombies came in, I didnt have Carley helping, I had to do all the shooting myself.

    The pilot zombie got me a few times because the target clicky thing was around his neck, but you have to move it lower to get the click option.

    The zombie in the car at the train got me too.. just was a little slow moving the controller.

    It took me 4 hours to finish this episode! I know I wasted alot of time just searching, second-guessing things. I made my game harder than it should have been but I call it giving TT credit for an excellent episode!

    I (Lee) wouldnt know what to do in every new situation so I think it's realistic!
  • That damn car zombie killed me because I didn't realize I was supposed to slam his head in the door. I thought I was supposed to use one of the tools from the train on him. After a few times of not being able to get an option to pop up on his head I figured it out.
  • Due to no inverting Y axis, which has been in every game since Quake 1, i died a million times in the shootout with the bandits. I go to aim up, i go to the ground. Try to aim down, im looking at the sky. Cannot get used to it.
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