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Your opinion of/reaction to meeting Chuck, Omid and Christa? Episode 3. [Spoilers]

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I'm curious to know how you guys reacted to meeting and generally what you now think of these new survivors. :)

Personally, I was so emotionally drained after the previous horrific events of the day, I could hardly muster a fuck to give about these new, seemingly very interesting people. XD I just wearily went into automatic threat assessment mode and when I felt satisfied that they posed no obvious danger to our shambled remnants of a group, I decided they could all go to hell and fuck for all I cared. Pardon the language, but I feel it fits. XD

I must admit that I started to warm up to Chuck during the train ride. He seems like a cool dude, had some good advice and I shared a swig of hobo rum with him. Good times. The 'candy' dialogue upon meeting him may have been the only laughs I got in Episode 3 too, besides the 'Duck Greyson' stuff. That shot of Ben stuffing his face with hobo candy like a little kid was priceless. XD
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  • I like Chuck, he's got a.... "good" vibe around him. He's not very open about his past though, so we'll see if that becomes a problem.
    Omid seems cool enough, child thing and all.
    Christa's Ok, I'd probably just keep her around if she was trustworthy.
  • LokiHavok;663378 said:
    Actually, she's not pregnant yet. But they have been trying.
    That's why as you approach Omid says "Maybe a group of guy's is what we need.."

    This makes me think that he is sterile IE "shooting blanks"
    And that he wants one or all of the men to inseminate Christa....
    Possibly in some sort of gangbang situation..

    just wrong
  • Yeah... Christa just... isn't my type. Chuck better have a lot more whiskey for that one to happen. :D
  • Lykosia;663242 said:
    I think this is just as good place to start posting as any.

    That is what I think too. The discussion they had just before Lee joined them on the bridge was a big hint and how happy Omid was when they saw Clem. I can guess that they have had their own arguments and worries about having a child in ZA, but when Omid saw Clem it was like giving him a point for his more optimistic view that they can raise a child there.
    I wish you had a choice to stay on the ladder and hear the rest of the conversation.
  • KMatt;663418 said:
    just wrong
    No shit.
  • Chuck Seems to be a good guy and If hes Terry St.John then hes a good guy not like his wife and sons.But when he spoke about cutting Clems hair coz she will get grabbed,that got me.I was keep asking myself If he knew about them going to St.John dairy and about Clem gettin grabbed by Andy(or Danny):D.So I am asking.Could he knew about St.John dairy and Lee going there?Or Its only my Imagination?
  • You're saying Chuck is actually Terry St. John?
    Perhaps that's why he was giving out candy.
    To fatten up the survivors!
  • I like them both. Since I'm not a douchebag like the rest of the community I'm going to help them :D
  • A really like all three of the new guys. Chuck seems smart and has clearly proved that hes good at evading walkers. I'm still not sure how useful he'll be in a fight but I guess we'll see. Omid seems like a cool guy and with Glen gone, it'll be good to have a character around to lighten the mood. Imworried that he might die a bit prematurely as hes already in a bad way after knowing him for like ten minutes. Christa seems like a tough and determined character, definately the strongest of the three. I know people are concerned about how trustworthy she is and if Omid dies we could have another Lilly on our hands but until then Im sure shell pull her own weight.

    Plus shes totally preggorz.
  • My reaction?
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