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Your opinion of/reaction to meeting Chuck, Omid and Christa? Episode 3. [Spoilers]

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I'm curious to know how you guys reacted to meeting and generally what you now think of these new survivors. :)

Personally, I was so emotionally drained after the previous horrific events of the day, I could hardly muster a fuck to give about these new, seemingly very interesting people. XD I just wearily went into automatic threat assessment mode and when I felt satisfied that they posed no obvious danger to our shambled remnants of a group, I decided they could all go to hell and fuck for all I cared. Pardon the language, but I feel it fits. XD

I must admit that I started to warm up to Chuck during the train ride. He seems like a cool dude, had some good advice and I shared a swig of hobo rum with him. Good times. The 'candy' dialogue upon meeting him may have been the only laughs I got in Episode 3 too, besides the 'Duck Greyson' stuff. That shot of Ben stuffing his face with hobo candy like a little kid was priceless. XD
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  • NeonBlade;663329 said:

    Omid is a pedophile Misogynist weakling, self loathing White Knight.

    Christa is a Misandrist.
    A misogynist and misandrist? That's quite the couple, how does that work?
  • Chuck's a boss. I beg to the all the Gods in this universe that he's not going to turn into a bitch/weirdo/pull a Ben/pull a Lilly.
  • I like the two new guys. I don't know how to feel about the wise old man. I think it makes sense that Christa is pregnant and that's why they like Clem. They're all going to die horribly in episodes 4 and 5.
  • Chuck is alright. He is definitely playing the role of the "magical hobo" at the moment (magical characters come in all occupations and kinds). He came out of nowhere, everyone immediately likes him, he gives them candy and doesn't fight with taking his house, he gives Lee advice on how to help Clementine and he is always positive about a situation. Not to say these are bad things, but it seemed like he was written to suit those parts more than being a character. I'm sure if they give him more to do next episode he will be more realized.

    Personally, I have no interest or attachment to Omid and Christa. Sure it took me a while to warm up to Larry and Duck, but they had some traits that made their characters interesting from the get-go. Omid is a bumbler who despite best intentions comes off as trying too hard to be nice. He hasn't really shown any other useful traits yet that show he contributes to the group in a distinct way. He doesn't really have much of a personality either other than being overly chivalrous.

    Now Christa....oh boy....I thought Larry was an unlikable character but at least we could understand he was motivated by trying to look out for Lilly. Christa is just a judgmental, condescending, sassy, somewhat sexist and insensitive jerk for...I don't really know why. Yes the "pregnant" rumor is being used for her, but even then she has not done much anything to even be considered useful. At least Omid helps you to remove the roadblock All Christa did was complain about your parenting skills, arrive late to offer any assistance and just sit around for most of the episode. She pretty much contributed nothing and her attitude makes me not want to care about what happens to her.

    I know Omid and Christa came in late in the episode (way too late in my opinion), but they still feel like not flimsy characters at the moment. Frankly, they are kind of dull. They better get some character development soon so I can have a reason to care about what they do or I know who I'm going to throw into the meat grinder first!
  • As long as everyone dies except Lee, I'll be happy.
  • Chuck: Nice guy, the kind of blunt where you don't think he's hiding anything.

    Omid: Cheery, easy-going, up for an adventure.

    Christa: Pragmatic, smart, sensitive. She comes on strong, but if you go ahead and let her win one or two, she warms up and starts showing you a decent amount of respect and admiration. She's only hanging with the group because of Omid, so I understand why she's wary. And if you engage her and listen to her point of view, she's...absolutely right.

    Then again, I didn't tell Omid or Christa about my background as a murderer, so I need to win Kenny over fast so he doesn't pull that card on me and ruin a good thing.
  • I feel that Chuck has been around the block. Hell what with being homeless he knows how to survive in a city a little better than the average, and in all he feels like he isn't going to screw you over.

    Now, with Christa and Omid, they both feel very forced. The only part that I enhjoyed with them was the American history part, what with Lee slowly raising his hand, and that was only funny because of Lee. Of course, I only dislike them from a writing perspective, if they seem less one-dimensional in the next Ep then I will probably feel different about them.
  • Chuck... Chuck... Chuck...
    No. XD
  • Chuck (or Charles if you're fancy) is my new favorite character. I hope he plays his guitar more in ep 4-5 it really set the tone at the train.
    I haven't made up my mind about Omad and Christa yet, they seem to be hiding something but then again, its too early to tell.
  • Chucks a drunk and a bum... nuff said.

    Omid and Christa? Omid is a naive weakling, who gave me shit, when i saved him into the train before his bitching girl friend.. next time hes Z-Food.

    Christa fucks with me from the beginning.. can´t wait to get rid of her.
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