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So, the girl in Macon... (spoilers)

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Did you put her out of her misery or let her get torn to shreds?

I've been playing my Lee as a good man who always tries to do the right thing in a horrible world but this was one of the few moments where I figured - after all this time and all he's been through - he'd choose survival over mercy. But to me, it was definitely one of the harder choices...especially when you have to listen to her screams from inside the drug store until she dies.
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  • greenj2;662806 said:
    No way I could live with hearing her getting torn to shreds while I went on a shopping spree. But I've got to tell you, it took me some good long seconds with her head in my crosshairs before I pulled the trigger.

    Still managed to grab 13+ items and Lilly was happy. No regrets. (Go fuck yourself, Kenny). <3</div>
    It doesn't really matter how much items you gather. You leave all of the supplies and shit when the bandits raid the Motor Inn.
  • Razzak;663470 said:
    I shot her I couldnt just let her get eaten alive hearing her scream

    Yeah that was extremely annoying. Her scream. As soon as I left her there I wish I had shot her. She was like a banshee.
  • let her get eaten and still managed to grab 10 items before it went to hell.
  • I left her. I found the screaming annoying and guilt inducing.
  • I don't know. This talk about how she brought it on herself because she was screaming seems pretty darn cold, guys. Sure, on an intellectual level, she should know that sound attracts more of them. But people don't always behave rationally when their life is at risk. It's called panic. It happens to the best of us. And in any case, she was pretty much surrounded. Screaming and hoping there might be someone nearby who can help seems as good a strategy as any at that point.

    I chose to shoot her without hesitation. It was the humane thing to do. Regardless of whether she brought it on herself or not, that still doesn't mean she deserves to be eaten alive by a pack of walkers. Still had plenty of time to grab what was left in the pharmacy. Not like there was much left there anyway. I only felt bad that I didn't have the option to shoot the walkers before they got her. But she was already bit by the time I could act. Might as well give her a quick death.
  • I decided to shoot her as I thought it'd be hypocritical considering I watched the bitten girl at the hotel shoot herself.
  • One in the dome, clean. Kenny's turning into a monster. I still grabbed 15 items, so now what, Kenny?
  • Left her to get eaten. I'm not attracting more attention to myself with a gun. She didn't even know we were there. There was no way to save her. She was bitten so quickly. I got all 20 items from the pharmacy. Which, before finding the bandits.. was more important for the group. I tried to do what was best for us.

    Just like how in the tv show Hershel's son is used as bait to get medications.. I thought here was even more righteous to do the same. We are out of food/medicine and I care more about Clem and our group than some random that has been hiding for months until this moment, deciding to run and scream and help us get what we need. It's a cold harsh zombie-filled world and you gotta do what you gotta do.

    But yeah it was lame that the supplies meant nothing in the end with the bandits and all. But at least I was trying to help the group.

    If that was me and Kenny there.. I wouldn't have shot either.. NO WAY would I use a firearm in that situation, drawing way too much attention to myself. They could follow us back to our group ..
  • Christoaster;663478 said:
    It doesn't really matter how much items you gather. You leave all of the supplies and shit when the bandits raid the Motor Inn.
    Yeah that pissed me off to no end. That the supplies didn't matter and all that coding time was wasted on that running total of what you gathered.

    I left her screaming. Her screaming was the alarm to let me know that the walkers were occupied.
  • I shot her. She was bitten. Going to be munched on and tortured until she turned.
    It felt like the right thing to do.
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