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Do you think Clementine's mother could still be alive?

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I say "mother" rather than "parents" because it's implied that her father was infected.

What do you think?

Could lead to a rather awkward/interesting situation if they ever find her.
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  • Well, that one woman in Macon survived all this time, and her survival skills seemed pretty atrocious to me. Dumb luck? But speaking of Macon, Kenny described it as "hell on earth" where the few remaining humans are dead or dying slowly. And Lee and Kenny have only been making periodical runs into town, probably coming close to death's door a dozen times over. Clem's mom, I think, would have been trapped in the city from the sounds of the last message if she's alive at all. By some miracle, if she is, her mental state is probably somewhere around the Jolene stage at best if she's been living in "hell on earth" for 3 months straight. I don't even think the group (or what's left of it) should have gone to Savvanah anyway, ESPECIALLY for Clem's parents.

    So, in light of the tens-of-thousands of walkers, low supplies, our wounded man, Kenny's instability, and the crazy guy who wants to get ahold of Clem, what are the odds we could even find her parents in that mess? Hell, the boat itself is already a pretty miniscule chance without some suicidal rescue mission pulling us away from this crazy plan.
  • chaz99;662430 said:
    No, I think that they're dead. This story is way too bleak for them to be around.

    There is a very good chance, I think that Clem's parents (or just one) are encountered as walkers, and Clem's response is horror, then resolves to kill them and put them out of their misery.

    Personally, I would write it in that Clem's first walker kill is her mother and then her daddy.

    That would fit the bleakness of this story.
    That would be a pretty good twist and the ultimate test of survival for her.
  • Remembering the phone message in the second scene I believe that Clem's mum tells her that her daddy was attacked "by some crazy guy" and had to go to the ER. So it's pretty safe to assume that he was bit and is a walker by now.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    I don't know if they let Clem's mom be alive or not. But I'm rather sure this is a story part that gets closure. We will definitely FIND OUT.
  • Fiddle Diddle;658469 said:
    Hell no, I think that she's dead and this man on the walkie has been feeding Clemmy Clem a pipe dream from day one... He probably knows everything about Lee in my play through because I've been so honest with Clem. It's creepy and I want to take a shower
    Damn, me too. I never eally thought she could be feeding that creep information until just now. Oh shit...
  • The likelihood of her parents still being in the same place after several months of chaos, noises to follow, and other survivors attacking is way too slim to justify. Plus having to shoot your mom is pretty hackneyed. I don't think Telltale's going to do it.

    Clem having to shoot the radio guy? Far more likely.
  • All I can say is very unlikely. Thing about it. If her husband was bitten. Don't you thinks the odds she would be close to him would be high. Which greatly increases the chances that she too was bitten by him. And if not by him, I doubt she could have survive in Savannah. The zombie apocalypse isn't that kind.
  • I don't think her parents are alive or as has been stated, if they are, they are not likely in Savannah. Their response would be to try and get to Clem if they are good parents. But I question that by their willingness to leave her alone with a babysitter for extended periods of time....
  • LokiHavok;663151 said:
    Damn, me too. I never eally thought she could be feeding that creep information until just now. Oh shit...
    I'm gonna tie that creep to a chair and put on stealers wheel
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