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Lee's secret, who did you tell? - Episode 3 [Spoilers]

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So, who did/didn't you tell? What was your logic in deciding? Did it pay off or come back to bite you in the ass later?

Personally, I told everybody. I would've told Duck too if the game had allowed it. XD Generally speaking, I prefer honesty in all situations. It's up to people to make up their own minds whether or not they like what they hear, either way at least it's the truth and it won't come up as a nasty surprise later.

Everyone took it well. Katjaa seemed a bit worried and Kenny flat-out told me that if it came down to limited group numbers on his boat, this would affect his decision and he may leave me for dead, but he still appreciated my honesty. You're welcome, cunt. <3

Kenny mentions the importance of being honest with each other later on when he tells Lee about Duck being bitten by a walker. Did anybody choose to not tell Kenny about Lee's past? If so, does that have any impact on how Lee finds out about Duck being bitten?
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  • Just Clem and Kenny for me. I decided to be honest with my closest people. Carley already knew ofc. So that left the two of them. I know some people might not think it appropriate to tella little girl, but it's a different world post-zed.

    I'd been pretty anti-Lilly at that point. I thought Katjaa would react adversely (cause she's got Duck to look out for, and seems pretty conservative), Ben is the new guy and I never really trusted him (for good reason as I later found out)
  • Told everyone, gave Clem what I precived as a softer version, not stating Lee was a murderer but confirming that he killed a man before the apocalypse. Told Katjaa what went on in the meat locker as well.

    Ben and Kenny had good reactions.
  • I told Lily and Clem. Carly already knew, so that left Ben and Kenny + family. Ben seemed kind of on edge and I feel like I didn't know him that well so I didn't tell him, and Kenny...well, Kenny's priority is his family (and I don't blame him) and I was a bit worried he was going to (understandbly) flip out, particularly as I'd been mainly siding with Lily beforehand. I would have told Katjaa, who I like and trust and think would have been okay with it, but I figured if I told her it'd just get straight back to Kenny. Lily and Clem took it well (Clem knew I'd done a bad thing already but I hadn't told her it was murder).

    I apologised to Kenny about not telling him later in the train. He was okay with it and said I'd already given him enough personal info, since I'd already told him about Lee's parents being the people who ran the drug store.
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    I told everyone of the assembled team, and they were pretty OK with it. The new guys however, I didn't tell. BUT I told Clem she could tell her parents. :o
  • I told Clem (before I hadn't told her as straightforward as was probably needed) and Kenny. At first I was mad because he said "Don't think this won't come up when we're deciding who to let on the boat", but then he had my back when Lily tried to Exposition Bomb me out of the water. I feel pretty good about my choices.
  • I told only the ones I trusted. That would be, in addition to Carley, Clem, Lilly and Kat. They all took it well and seemed okay with the info.

    Come to think of it...Kenny does not know and neither does Ben...even at the end of e3. Christa, Omid and Charles don't know either. Hmmmm...secret may be safe after all.
  • You can choose to tell the new guys?
  • LokiHavok;663716 said:
    You can choose to tell the new guys?
    Sort of...the option where you say something to the effect of " I was on my way to jail three months ago" when you first meet the couple.
  • LokiHavok;663716 said:
    You can choose to tell the new guys?
    Think so, I saw the option. Obviously I didn't though, because meeting new people and opening with the line "I'm a murderer" right after saying "we're friendly" seems somewhat counter-productive.
  • Matrox Yang;662914 said:
    I couldn't tell anyone as I had saved doug back in ep 1.
    Same, I didnt tell anyone. Just have to deal with it. Kenny was a lil upset I didnt tell him, but we're pal's, been choosing to side with him from the start so i'm not too concerned!
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