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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead Episode 3 REVIEW Thread

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Post your impressions of the episode here!

SPOILERS are allowed, no spoiler tags necessary, so if you did not play the episode yet, keep out for your own sake! ;)

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  • Razzak;663497 said:
    Maybe Carley/Doug dodged the bullet and only pretended to be dead?And the blood Is only Ketchup?And they took something to slow heart?just sayin :(
  • Ok well, here's what I think. I am shocked that so many players are on the side of TTG about the choices issue. It is very clear that they misrepresented this game and this was ostensibly to generate excitement. They should have they edited their monthly release promise they should edit their your choices matter statements. They don't. I personally would be willing to pay double what I paid for the series if they would keep that promise. Here is an example of what I mean...before you all start hammering at me about how it's too complex for the programmers etc....

    The girl at the pharmacy. (I left her for bait) What if when you left her, the story unfolded as it did and you had time to get supplies. If you shot her, you were unable to get supplies and had to leave without anything to save your lives. OR you save her and she comes back to the group where you find she's bitten and she turns.

    Any of those three scenarios were imminently doable, gave the player an actual impactful choice and didn't bloat the story or create long term contradictions to the main plot.

    It wouldn't have been difficult to set an if then parameter/variable regarding the obtained supplies that WOULD have made a difference in the rest of the series.

    Speaking of the supplies, let me now tell what I thought of this episode.

    I was seriously pissed off. This lack of choice and only an illusion of one needs to stop. WHAT THE HELL was the point of counting how many supplies you were able to collect? In the end, you didn't even get to keep them. So why the hell waste my time telling me how many items I picked up? THAT was Not necessary! I really thought the number and type of things I got would make a difference.....that was the biggest dog chasing tail bullshit I've experienced in a while. See, this is my problem with this choice illusion thing...they actually wasted the time to code THAT when it didn't make one whit of difference rather than code something that did.

    Second point of contention is along the same lines, what the hell was the point in me building a relationship with Katjaa and her 'remembering' or 'being grateful' for my concern about Duck? Just to waste her? It seems like they just want us to invest in these characters way too much and it is very hollow. Animal crackers? For a walker to be? GET SERIOUS! (Ok but I enjoyed smashing the head in the car door that was cool)

    I'm not angry about Katjaa's suicide. I hated her from the beginning she was useless and soft. Not ZA material. But I thought they were going to saddle Lee with her for the rest of the series by the way they fed interactions with her to us.

    Duck should have been put down as soon as they saw the bite. Point blank. If Kenny could salt lick Larry, he damn well should have been prepared for his son to get put down. Perfect justice would have been Lilly icing him after finding out that he was bit.

    The Carly/Doug thing.....I had Carly in my game, her death was pretty pointless but I would rather have seen that than have had to stomach a romantic storyline. This is ZA people! A quick shag in the hotel would have been fine but all that gazing and hand holding that they were leading up to omg gag me. Yes, please kill her. Basically I viewed her death as a way for the developers to get out of having to write more for her.

    What everyone is overlooking here is the survival aspect of the group and how dramatically they altered it in this epi. Forget the soft and sweet save Carly because she's cute crap. She was an extra gun, and a good shot! So was Lilly! They are both gone, Kenny is an awesome wildcard now because he has nothing to lose and nothing to live for (which is one thing I approve of with the new dynamic) so who knows wtf he will do next. Ben has no skill, no contribution to the group, Chuck MAY be an asset but I still don't trust him. All we have now is Lee and these new people who yep the chick is more than likely preggers.

    The stickers on the walkie talkie foreshadowed its return but did anyone else notice that in previous views of it, it actually looked broken whereas in this epi it looked perfectly fixed?

    It is a good game, it was misrepresented. I like it but wish they would make better decisions about what to code and give the player actual choices.
  • I read one review of the 3rd episode and there was something written about 2 tropes. 1st- "Anyone can die"; 2nd- "Wham Episode".

    I think that 1st-" Anyone can die" was showed perfectly. Carley's death was very emotional, fast, unexpected and made me angry. This is The Walking Dead way.

    2nd -"Wham Episode" wasn't showed good. Much too much. We needed to abandon hotel, than Carley's death / decision about leaving Lilly, Duck was bitten, he died, his mother's suicide, new people. That was too much even for "Wham Episode". When I met Chuck, Omid and Christa I really didn't care about it/them.

    Beside the 2nd trope I dislike that I was forced to teach Clem handle with weapon. Maybe if they showed us more about Katjaa's suicide reasons (her son was dying of course , but she really disliked weapons, disliked that I had told her the truth about Larry's death, and disliked the way which World was going) and then gave us opportunity to decided about teach Clem or not teach her- that would be another big choice.

    3rd episode was really good. Maybe 2nd was a little better in my opinion but Long Road Ahead is still on the top. I can't wait 4th and I wish have more opportunities to make choice about Clem, because this is TWD and I know that we are all dead.
  • I know this has been mentioned before, but the choices we have in the game aren't really meant to alter the course of events. Instead, they alter how the other characters think about Lee as a person.

    It reminds me of what the cop said in the beginning of episode 1, which was something along the lines of "you need to stop worrying about things you can't control." Lee can't control the course of events, he can only control how he deals with them.

    Anyway, my personal opinion is that the episodes are only getting better. There was a lot going on in episode 3, yet I felt the pacing was good. I'm particularly interested in what will happen now that Kenny lost his family. I'm thinking he is going to see through what he started and then just give up on life at the end.
  • I see alot of people complaining about the 'illusion of choices' and understand what they mean by that. One scene we are told "Katjaa will remember that" then the next scene, she's dead.. so why did it matter??

    IMO, it matter's because as the story goes, we have no idea what's coming next, everything is working as it should.

    Like saving Carely in EP1.. A vast majority of player saved Carley, is why sooooo many post's here from people upset or furious at her loss.. But that's the point.

    We have no idea what will come next, everything seem's normal, get lulled into a false sence of security, then suddenly, BAM!! bullet to the face!

    What if we were given a conversation with a character and it didnt seem to matter? people would wonder why, maybe guess something is coming. But if the conversation plays out as normal, something we see as possibly meaningful later on, then it's suddenly gone, that's part of the shock, the unknowing, the anything can happen and change in an instant!

    I'm not saying anyone else is wrong if you think it's poor writing on the part of TT, thats your opinion of your game and you're entitled

    Just stating my point of view!
  • I found it really enjoyable it started off phenomenally well but began to slide a little as it reached the end. One big problem with this episode was that Telltale played their cards a little too quickly. If I were writing the story and was going to kill these characters, I would have spaced it out during the episodes instead of just executing the original group in one episode. Killing them all one after the other was very draining and after Kenny’s family died I was too emotionally exhausted to care about much else which was probably why I felt the story dipped towards the end.

    I just hope that Telltale pulls through and makes us as emotionally invested in these new characters as we were in the originals, which will allow us to have the same level of tension during the danger scenarios. No glitches or bugs on my play through.

    Episode 1 = 8/10
    Episode 2 = 10/10
    Episode 3 = 8/10
  • raptor;663640 said:

    It reminds me of what the cop said in the beginning of episode 1, which was something along the lines of "you need to stop worrying about things you can't control." Lee can't control the course of events, he can only control how he deals with them.

    I totally agree!!

    I was thinking about this sort of thing yesterday

    Keeping in mind, all the different people who have some sort of influence into how or what Lee does. It starts with the TT developers.. They are writing the story, they are choosing the vairables, all the different possible senerios and add those to the game.

    Then we the players come in.. Realize, their are hundreds of thousands of people playing Lee. Soo many people with different opinions and ideas and values! How many Lee's saved Carley or Doug, and why??

    How many Lee's killed or spared the St. John Brother's? or Larry and why did they decide that way?? There is no right or wrong answer, only Our own answer's. Some may totally agree with each other on one point, but absolutely disagree on another.

    I think the episodes are only getting better and if some choices don't really matter then that's accurate. How would you know at the time it wont matter?

    I think most finish the game then complain about the choices after they already know the outcome.. The expirence is the "during"!!!
  • Kudos to TTG for making the initial cast of characters something you can deeply care for. I have never felt so emotionally attached to video game characters before.

    Unfortunately, the characters are too well defined and developed that seeing them picked off has really drained my enthusiasm to play further. The best words I can use to describe their deaths are sick and vile. However, I realise that is the intention as the entire series meant to be horrific with violence and death everywhere. In a way, the game is testing you to see how much more your sane mind can take. Reading some of the reactions on here and even my own suggests that a lot of you have reached your breaking point. You've got to give TTG credit for making you feel this way. How many video games have you played where character deaths have made you feel so charged?

    I have no shame in admitting Carley is/was my favourite character and seeing her die like that was truly shocking, and even needless. Her death might make sense if you're a TWD purist as that is what you would naturally expect given the nature of the series. But from a video game perspective, I don't think works nearly as well. Her death seemed to be the product of the limitations of what can be achieved in this type of video game.

    In reference to my statement about reaching your breaking point, I think I have reached mine. There just does not seem to be anything else for me left to enjoy. Seeing the hobo and those two new guys for the first time struck me as feeble replacements. I can't see myself getting attached to those people, nor do I want to go through the bother of knowing them, because I have a feeling the will be picked off as well. As I said, it may be the game's intention to make you feel this way, but it seems like bad business sense to knowingly kill off popular characters in a game for the sake of shock. I've lost my enthusiasm and I'm having serious doubts that I will play future installments or replay previous episodes knowing what will and has happened.

    Great work TTG on a fine game series and a heart-wrenching episode, but I have a feeling you have destroyed many of your fans and some like me are questioning their continued commitment.
  • Viner16;662762 said:
    It's the Walking Dead...
    more appropiately known as "Your Favourite Character Will Die." :(:(:(
    True story, I was tired of my favorite character always dieing off, that I made a giant list of favorites and said "kill all these guys off, I dare you" then the governor showed up and I started to cry :(
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