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Will Kenny kill himself?

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Thats what I thought when he offered to explain the two new group members how to control the train... He said, that somebody should be able to control the train if something happens to him.

I instantly thought that he might plan to kill himself to be together with his wife and child.

What did you think?
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  • Wouldn't surprise me. Characters have a habit of being killed off. What makes Kenny different? :p

    Seriously though, with the possible exception of Clem, I think every (game) character has their fate sealed.
  • I am a firm believer that Kenny has been around long enough to deserve a just ending. That being said, I think that is probably what will happen.
    I can easily see him sacrificing himself to save Lee or Clementine. Without his actual family around, he will want to focus his need to protect them on the "family" he has left.
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    Mrwalto69 BANNED
    It's been confirmed that Kenny will be in the last 2 episodes so at this stage He'll kill himself or sacrifice himself to help Lee and Clem or he'll survive the only series IMO i'd like to see him survive , besides the main characters of Lee and Clem his the only one who has been able to stick around and i hope he does ,
  • I think that things may happen to Kenny, but he will not die. He has been around too long to die. He might leave the group or get thrown out like Lilly, but I don't think he will kill himself. It was different with other people who died, they were newcomers to the group. But Kenny has been there since the beginning. On the other hand, I have a strange feeling that everyone in the group will somehow meet their end apart from Lee and Clem. Now that Duck, Katjaa and Lilly are gone, it seems like everyone is being picked off one by one. Maybe Kenny will go next.
  • I don't know about the rest of you, but his dream of being on a boat somewhere on sea seems too hopeful. This series is anything but hopeful.
  • I don't think he'll kill himself like Kat did, but I wouldn't be surprised if he intentionally put himself in a situation that would kill him, like getting between Lee and a group of walkers before Lee gets bitten or something. I'd hate for him to actually shoot himself, but I may have sealed his fate by typing that :(
  • No I dont think he will. I have actually been surprised at how strong kenny has been. I mean hes not moping around that much to the extent where he is useless. I think from now on he will be a huge asset to the group and become a generally good character and a team player that lee can trust.
  • Maybe as a last moment in the 5th's finale. But I wouldn't expect it in the next episode.
  • I don't see Kenny killing himself. I do see him just sailing away on his boat by himself in an attempt to be at peace though.
  • I'm expecting him to go off alone/be left behind. He was really distant, as you'd expect after seeing his wife kill herself and his son dying (I let Kenny kill Duck in mine), so it'd make sense for him to go off the rails and just disappear one night or do something to cause Lee to abandon him.
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