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I NEED HELP!! (spoilers for ep3)

posted by graceef on - last edited - Viewed by 2.3K users
okay so in the station, once you've 'thrown' clem over to open the door and the 2 walkers come out of no where and your suppose to back up and grab the wrench(?) ... i back up and i click on the weapon, then it zooms in on it and lee won't pick it up, i just get bitten everytime and its reaaaaally fustrating me now!!


oh i'm playing it on the pc as well if that changes anything?
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  • zahroc;662328 said:
    figured it out finally!
    Don't worry about hitting walkers, just walk backwards, get close to wrench, hover over wrench, scroll to hand and then whack away!
    thank you!
  • Glad you figured it out lol
  • i actually give up. i've tried all of yesterday and all of this morning and afternoon and i still can't do it. the laptops gonna go straight through a window soon, its soooo frustrating why can't he just pick up the wrench, its the most (should be the most) simplest thing ever!!
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    That's strange. I didn't even die once at that part. Well, maybe it's one of those parts which you ace at first try, but which drives you bananas in a second playthrough. :confused:
  • how did you do it?
  • Im in same boat..Im fixing to throw my laptop out window as well. I have played this scene over and over..i havent died thru game yet and Ive died in this scene at every attempt. Any suggestions? Im not using mouse
  • Died several times over during that scene. It really did not seem clear what you had to do.
  • This is THIRD day I have been stuck at train station, I have done everything to get thru this. I played entire game without dying and have died in station 100+ times. Looks like a few others have had same issue playing on PC..anyone have a idea to help me out I would really appreciate it
  • Someone suggested to hit 2 on the keyboard before clicking on the wrench. That eventually worked for me. I'm on a laptop too.
  • I died once at that part. I didn't realize I could even back up, and just punched the walker in the face, only to be devoured. Once I learned I could back up, I just walked as far back as possible, until the option to pick up the, in my case spike remover. I grabbed it and went to town on those chumps.

    I guess the key is probably just backing up as far as possible, because I got it first try (once I knew I could back up).
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