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Favorite Moments

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For those of you who are here because you like the game, tell me your favorite moments/lines in the episodes to date. For example, one of my favorite lines is if you told the brothers that Lee is from Macon, upon meeting Brenda she replies "They grow 'em good there!"

What are yours?
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  • I actually liked Doug's death better than Carley's. He grabbed Ben and pulled him away just seconds before that bitch pulled the trigger. RIP, Doug. :(
  • I liked BatLee and Duckin.
    Merc;662206 said:
    I actually liked Doug's death better than Carley's. He grabbed Ben and pulled him away just seconds before that bitch pulled the trigger. RIP, Doug. :(
    Yep, you got to see Doug heroic side (that hooked Carley) just before he died.
  • These are a couple of my favorites in no particular order;

    1) Pushing Omid off the overpass was hilarius. I thought I was helping then ::flop:: :D
    2) I always really enjoy the scenes when Lee spends time bonding with Clem. No matter how depressing everything is, she can take it all away with her cheerful expressions.
    3) Giving my "ward" a hi-five for a job well done.
    4) Brenda St. John's death & the fight with Andy. The weather reflecting the situation throughout was cool too.
    5) Telling Larry to "eat the fuck up".
    6) Getting closer to Carly then suddenly losing her moments later (a very Kirkman-esque death).
    7) Clementine's salt lick line

    Worst moments;
    1) Telling Clem about her parents message.
    2) Not opening the door to see if Clem will use the gun (worst game over scene EVER).
    3) Not being able to put a bullet in Lilly's face the moment I met her, in order to save Lori, Judy, & Carly.
    4) Number six from my favorite moments list deserves to be on my worst list too, gotta love TWD :)
    0) Issue 100 of TWD... Im still not over it :(.
  • When i left Lilly...
    Fuck that bitch, she killed my love :(
  • I had nice sequence. 1st I said " It's people" and then "somebody do something..." ;)
    But the moment when I was trying to help Lilly's father, and then Kenny made sure that Larry is dead was nice too.
    3rd is Lee's wrathful voice, when he said to Lilly "Drop It!"
  • Dying 3 times in a row over a box of animal crackers
  • My favorite moment thus far is just beating the crap out of Andy St.John. I went to town on him, I kept punching him until it gave me the option to walk away. He looked like hell. It would've been merciful for me to have finished him. So I left him for the walkers.

    Why is it that the group is fine if I leave Andy as walker-bait, but I leave the girl in the street, whom is already bit, and everyone thinks I'm horrible. I left Andy broken and beaten, bleeding and defenseless and alone, and everyone would've been more disturbed if I killed him, but I leave a random woman out, and I'm evil. They don't understand that it shouldn't just be about context.
  • Lee's comment after Carley died about being fond of her, but this being no time for romance.
  • Red Panda;661986 said:
    I loved the scene before Carley's death when she tells Lilly off.

    I fell in love with Carley then.
    Bit late to fall in love with her then, isn't it? Considering what happened a few seconds later. :p

    Fave moment was when Carley pecked Lee on the cheek. :)
  • I liked it when lilly said something like "he treated you like shit, he knew about your past, and you still tried to save him. You have nothing to apologise for. "

    most, if not all of my other favourites have been mentioned several times ^-^
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