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Was anybody else slightly disappointed with EP3? (SPOILERS)

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And no not because of certain characters departures but more gameplay/story wise. The story didn't really seem to flow too well, it felt sudden when we suddenly jumped from bandits, RV drama, train then bridge. Also gameplay felt less dynamic with more backwards n forwards tasks. Not to mention it felt to lack that sense of impending doom EP1 & EP2 had...

Now not saying EP3 wasn't good but more it felt the weakest of the two
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  • I thought it was a bit sort.
  • Episode 3 was the most depressing, but ignoring the reasons for that, one of the biggest technical gripes I have with episode 3 is that it only reinforces the limitations this game has towards making choices. I know you can't cater for every possible outcome, but playing this episode has shifted my perception that you can no longer influence the result of an event in the game, but only how an event is played out.
  • worst thing for me was the title screen for ep 3- where you see Duck hanging out the window of the train, happy and having a good time. Lol. Where did that happen in the game!??!!

    And yeah the 'influence' on the story is piss weak as. Nothing really changes. If it did, it would be heaps more work to tie together by episode 5. But that would actually be a worthwhile game. This is just another Telltale walk in the park. No challenging puzzles, far too obvious every thing you need to do, no real influence on end outcome.

    Could I kill Ben? Could I save Duck? Could I save Carly? Could I stop Lilly BEFORE she killed anyone? Urgh.

    Not TOO bad for an interactive story but nothing like the point n clicks I like myself.
  • I thought it was great, it was well written and had it's moments, but think that this entire episode takes place on the road or let's say "on the run" there was more than enough drama for a setting like that.

    Not to mention this is definitely the saddest episode yet.
  • I guess every episode will play out differently in peoples minds. I for example don't have any brothers and sisters, so the "kill your brother" moment in episode 1 didn't get me at all. Someone in another situation might have felt his/her stomach turn by the thought of it.

    I was totally thrilled by episode 3 (still am) and found it to be far more emotional then the first two, even though I really liked them all - with episode 2 being slightly weaker in my world.
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