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Lee's secret, who did you tell? - Episode 3 [Spoilers]

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So, who did/didn't you tell? What was your logic in deciding? Did it pay off or come back to bite you in the ass later?

Personally, I told everybody. I would've told Duck too if the game had allowed it. XD Generally speaking, I prefer honesty in all situations. It's up to people to make up their own minds whether or not they like what they hear, either way at least it's the truth and it won't come up as a nasty surprise later.

Everyone took it well. Katjaa seemed a bit worried and Kenny flat-out told me that if it came down to limited group numbers on his boat, this would affect his decision and he may leave me for dead, but he still appreciated my honesty. You're welcome, cunt. <3

Kenny mentions the importance of being honest with each other later on when he tells Lee about Duck being bitten by a walker. Did anybody choose to not tell Kenny about Lee's past? If so, does that have any impact on how Lee finds out about Duck being bitten?
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  • greenj2;662908 said:
    Interesting. I assume you were on Kenny's good side going into Episode 3? I wasn't. :)

    Now I think of it, he also asked if Duck would be safe around me. And Lee was all like "OMGWTF, dude?! Yes!" :eek:
    Kenny isn't a cunt, people just assume him one because most of them stopped siding with him during EP2 and he didn't treat them nicely after that, which should go without saying anyway. When you really are on Kenny's side all the time, the only time he acts a dick towards you are when you tell him to stop the train while he's in denial.

    EDIT: Forgot about the actual point of the topic.

    I told Kenny because I knew he wouldn't take something like that too badly, Clem because she already kind of knew it and Katjaa just for good measure.
  • Everybody but Kenny...

    However Kenny told me about Duck's bite in the RV and afterwards I think Kat told him as he mentioned it in a positive way
  • I told Carley it was a stupid idea but I ended up telling everyone anyway after giving it some thought. Better to have done it than deal with a bombshell.
  • Here's the thing. I didn't tell Clem at the start of episode 3, because I figured that she didn't need to know, until she was old enough to understand. At this point in the episode I didn't know if I could trust Kenny. Things got very heated when I didn't side with him at the end of episode 2. I figured that maybe Kenny would use it against me later on. So I told Katja, as I trusted her. Of course I didn't tell Ben. I didn't know him well enough, as he was the newcomer in the group. I told Lilly as we were on good terms, after I helped save her dad. She told me that even though her dad knew the secret, I still tried to save him. So she took the news well. (I wish I didn't now as she killed Carly, that b***).
    The thing is after Katja, and Duck dies, if you talk to kenny, you can say "About my past....". Kenny just says that it doesn't matter now. So yeah maybe Katja did say something to him?
    So the 3 who I told about my past are gone now. Although later in the episode, Clem still finds out, even though I didn't tell her at the start of the episode. Maybe she overheard? I told Clem that she can tell her parents.
    So Clem and possibly Kenny are the only ones who know about my past now.
  • I only told Clem and Kaatja. Clem was cool, Kaatja was on the fence for a second then told me that she trusted me completely. Then we bonded telling each other that we're the most honest and trustworthy people we know and the world is a strange place and basically talked about how awesome and pure-hearted we are, yadda yadda.

    Then she cried when I told her Kenny killed Larry and said the world was all topsy turvy now but thanked me for being honest.

    Kenny later loses his mind for me not telling him and asks if I'm safe around Duck but Kaatja gets my back because we're down like that.

    Ben freaks out, though. Not that I care, shut up Ben.

    When I tell Clem not to tell her parents she says, "You can't tell me what to do!" Which would have pissed me off if she weren't so adorable saying it. Aw, that kid is going to be the end of me...


    No, wait, she probably will.
  • I only told Clem and Lilly.

    They both took it pretty well.
  • I told everybody. And everybody was pretty much cool with it.
    But after I told Kat, she wanted to know what happened back at the St. John's farm when me (Lee), Kenny, Lily, and Clem were locked in that freezer.

    I told her what Kenny did while I (Lee) was trying to save Lily's dad.

    I then went back to Carley and told her I let everyone know. She was happy. Gave me (Lee) a kiss on the cheek even.
  • I told everyone, nobody really seemed to care.
  • I told everyone. I planned to not tell Ben or Duck but I did tell Ben, I would have told Duck as well if it was possible. I also told Christa and Omid later in the game, I don't know if you could tell Chuck?
  • Who asks you to reveal the secret if you've saved Doug in episode 1?
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