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Katjaa is delusional. *SPOILER and GLITCH*

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Yeah, I just encountered this glitch and it amused me.

Edit: Whoops, there are more than one thread about this bug. My bad. I'll remember to search next time!
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  • Yeah, I had the same glitches with Clem's hair disappearing when Lee starts cutting it, then it magically regrowing, just to disappear again. Also, when we handed the backpack over to Lily, and she inspected the contents, the backpack disappeared and she was examining air... or the bed sheet. >_> Guess the hunger finally got to them. :P
  • I had this bug too. Good to have a screenshot of it though. Apparently exiting to the menu fixes it.
  • Yeah, I got that one too, I think maybe it's when you get the train started and head back to decouple the cars and go left to the group rather than straight to Chuck's house?

    I also like the one walking back from the train station when Lee has a gun tucked in the back of his pants and one in his hand. Having two guns would have made the train station a lot simpler.
  • This happened to me too :DDDD It was funny.I came to his house and he spoke to me then the talking to clem etc.Ben eating candy.Then he started playing guitar(this is the funny part)but then nothing happened,It should take Lee back to Kenny but no.So I got back to Kenny and he told me that Its STUCK but It wasnt!So I got there again and Unstucked It dunno why for the second time.And when I came back to Chucks house he appeared there when the guitar was still playing outside(Heres the ROFL Part)and then the Guitar was stuck in his body!!ROFL.
    "I see you met Chuck"
    "Yes Clementine,I met him Twice".
  • LOL!

    So maybe Duck isn't dead after all and we can all enjoy the "Return of the Living Duck" later on. :D
  • Were those lines voiced?
  • Haha Katjaa's in denial.
  • YamiRaziel;664111 said:
    Where those lines voiced?
    The subtitles were voiced, yeah, with the exception of Clementine's. That was my poor edit, just as a silly joke. lol
  • I wanted to drop a brick on that invisible boy so bad.
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