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[SPOILERS]Ben's character and deeds

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Either you saved Carley or Doug. These great characters shall be avenged. Yeah, Lilly killed them, BUT Ben was giving the extra stuff to the bandits, wich caused the whole thing.

These were great characters, ones who shouldn't be forgotten. Ben, a stupid little teenager who is more scared of everything then a 12 year old.

Please, by joining this thread, you 100% guarantee that you WILL kill Ben, at the first time you get.
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  • Ben cost the group four members, 3 deaths, our current home and remaining supplies. All while putting every single members life in immediate danger. Everything bad that happened in this episode is a consequence of Bens actions.

    Mad at him? Yeah I'm mad alright. Lily was right, she didn't go about it the right way or the right time, but a traitor to the group is the same as outright murderer and needed to be addressed asap.

    Unfortunately when he admits to it later , there was not a "Kick this POS off the train " selection. Countries execute traitors for a reason. Ben may as well had slit their throats himself and set fire to the hotel. He is worm food the first chance that arises.
  • I have a feeling he will "Redeem" himself in EP4 and people will claim he's the best pal ever.

    Kind of what happened to Kenny.
  • I felt like strangling Ben to death before throwing him off of the train when he told me, seriously, how stupid could you be?
  • Should be an option to use Ben for food.
  • «He's young and stupid», cut him some slack.
  • CapnJay;659541 said:
    Ben and Lily actually did some of us a favor. Those who were thinking with the other big head might think they could get some action with Lily or Carley while still protecting Clementine were dividing their efforts. Now we can focus one hundred percent on Clem. Also if Ben had let us in on the plan we could have laid a trap for the bandits.
    Clems gonna betray leave you or zombify by episode 5
  • When Carley got shot in the face, I was very angry at Lily, and she was left behind without even a first thought, or remorse. I had a gut feeling that it was Ben that did it, but I didn't have proof, so I let it slide for that time.

    When Ben told me, I told him to shut up about it and not tell everyone else. This way he can feel betrayed by the only person he thought he could trust with this knowledge if I'm given an option to save or not save him.

    Would I kill him on purpose? No. Is he a priority for me to save now? Definitely not anymore. To paraphrase what Kenny said in Ep.3, if there isn't enough room on the boat, he ain't coming with.
  • ommmnomnomnom;664190 said:
    Clems gonna betray leave you or zombify by episode 5
    That would actually be very Walking "Deadish" lol. I think Lee and Clem's relationship might indeed get more complicated in the coming episode as Clem wants to find or at least, know what happend to her parents no matter what (she is a child...) and Lee's looking out for their safety. Disagreements might turn up and cause some chaos !
  • Has anyone tried going to the grate where the bag is, but instead of taking it. Reporting it to Lily? Is there even a dialogue choice that allows this?
  • I vote that Ben should be killed or at least should have been left behind. His actions caused the bandits to attack.

    I commend Lilly for taking the bandits out and that to me minimized the impact of her shooting Carly. She is the one that got them out of the hotel in the first place.

    Lee sort of threatens Ben to keep his mouth shut but I can see that not happening and Kenny going apeshit and killing him.
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