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Lighting the Fuse

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So when the massive swarm was coming towards the train, I assumed there would be a point to throwing the blowtorch into the fuel puddle. I thought it would ignite the tanker and blow the entire swarm straight to hell.

But instead....nothing happened. Whether you lit the fire or not, the swarm just passes through without incident.

Kinda wasted an opportunity for an epic moment there Telltale..
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  • Yeah...I was watching from the train worried we would not clear the blast radius in time! I was expecting a huge fireball then a massive shock wave...Oh well..I guess that only happens in the movies...not in a ZA.
  • It would have been nice to see a huge explosion, but I can understand why they wouldn't I guess. But come on, there weren't even any burning walkers lurching through the inferno toward the train!
  • Probably a herd in Episode 5. It'd be cool if using that blowtorch cut the zombie numbers down enough to survive.
  • Yeah, I was disappointed. I thought it would explode, after they were going on about how explosive it would be etc. If we hit it.
  • Come on. This isn't Resident Evil.
  • It was kinda funny! Lee kicks the blow torch and jumps and you're waiting for the boom... all I could think was "evidently it's not Hollywood" and laughed.
  • With the fuel leaking, the fire would have surely climbed up the fuel leaking out, and into the tanker itself, which would have resulted in a bit more than what occurred. Just because it isn't Hollywood doesn't mean irl tankers don't explode. I seen on the news a few years ago a tanker that crashed into a bridge. The thing was leaking, and the engine was on fire. Firefighters couldn't put out the engine fire in time, and the thing took out the entire overpass it crashed into.
  • Lol i know right! Hence another choice that's in game that didn't make a lick of difference
  • Come on Telltale, can't make one lil explosion?
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