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Will Kenny kill himself?

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Thats what I thought when he offered to explain the two new group members how to control the train... He said, that somebody should be able to control the train if something happens to him.

I instantly thought that he might plan to kill himself to be together with his wife and child.

What did you think?
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  • United 23;664061 said:
    I don't see Kenny killing himself. I do see him just sailing away on his boat by himself in an attempt to be at peace though.
    Me too. I think he'll offer to check the boat out first to see if it's safe, then just start it up and sail off...
  • I believe Kenny will sacrifice maybe for Clem or Lee....seeing that he lost his kid and wife...he doesn't have any more hope on living but i believe he will sacrifice at least so that his death won't be in vain
  • I'd put my money on episode 4 to be his end. With Lilly gone, his family dead and his grieving overtones having already caught the limelight, there appears to be little extra direction to take any of the established drama that surrounds him.

    I'm sure I'm not the only person to view him as the leading character behind Lee and Clem, seeing as though he's the only one that's still around from near the very start. However I don't think they'll allow him to steal any of the show by putting him at risk any point later than the start of episode 5. Nor give him a rushed send-off to downplay his death in contrast with others.

    When episode 5 comes, it goes without saying that Lee and Clem (or at least just Clem) will be our main focus of concern.

    Kenny either doesn't have long left or he'll be a surprise survivor.
  • Don'tLickTheSaltLick;664065 said:
    Me too. I think he'll offer to check the boat out first to see if it's safe, then just start it up and sail off...
    That would actually be true to his character after the events of episode 2 and 3. His behavior and overall self-preservation tendancies would tend to make him do something like this, if only to save himself in a moment of panic. He's done this numerous times during the series so far.
  • I thought Kenny is a guy who wants to redeem himself. He talked about how Duck looks up to you and he believes this is his punishment. So I don't think he will kill himself but maybe he will try save someone and die.

    Kenny kinda deserves a better ending after all this. But then again this is The Walking Dead, right?
  • I could see it happening. He got nothing left besides Lee and Clem, and even that's not saying much. The poor guy just lost the most important people in the world for him...
  • Maybe depending on how he feels about you, he'll either save you and die or leave you to die and save himself
  • My call? He dies just as he steps on the pier going to the boat he wanted so badly.
  • No I dont think thats how he'll go out. Say what you will about Kenny (selfish, racist, asshole) but hes certainly a survivor through and through.
  • Murasaki;663831 said:
    I don't know about the rest of you, but his dream of being on a boat somewhere on sea seems too hopeful. This series is anything but hopeful.
    yeah, I agree. I have a feeling that when they get to the coast, they are just going to see a huge parking lot of boats. Heck, the homeless guy (can't remember his name currently) said that it was a bad idea and that we weren't the first ones to think of it. Speaking of which, I think that the homeless guy is going to find a bunch of alcohol in that hotel Clem's parents went to and get a little too drunk. Maybe he'll let his guard down and get grabbed by a walker, or get a little too aggressive and be forced to be shot or something.
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