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Larry Caul and Everett Ray Caul? Two dads or Two different Lily storylines

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I would love a confirmation from Telltale that there Game does not go completely with the Novel/Comic or we just dont know everything there is to know about Lily Caul. To me it does not make sense to change lily fathers name and story. Does anybody have any info on this topic or is it up in the air?
P.S. its a little wierd that Everett Caul is Lee's last name and Lily in the Novel had a boyfriend named Lee. ;)
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  • I was just joking when I said that but thinking about it, it makes a lot of sense
  • PSB:
    Speaking of the novels, I recently finished The Rise of the Governor. And I understand the next book Road to Woodbury will focus on Lili, an infamous character from the comics. Will there be any tie-in to the game? Is there any chance Lili appear in future episodes of the game, for example?
    There will definitely be a character named Lili in the game. Whether or not that ends up being the same character we know and love from the comic and the upcoming novel remains to be seen. But yeah, the new novel comes out in October and I’m excited about it. The novel series, the comic series, and the video game all are intertwined in the same universe. Keeping that continuity straight is something that’s been very important to me, and yeah, we’ll definitely see them continue to connect in a lot of interesting ways moving forward.
    Thats a interview with Kirkman from the Playstation Blog. I always understood that they were the same lily but Kirkman just stated that it might not even be the same character as in they havent made up their mind. Its real confusing and stupid, its either the same Character or not simple as freakin that.

    So does that clear up this mystery or does it add more bullshit to the Pile

    O i dont know if the spelling of Lili in the interview is a typo cause im pretty sure in game its Lily

    Here is the Link to the whole interview
  • It could just be that they're the same character but they were written by two different writers who forgot to compare notes on the last name?

    As for the boyfriend named Lee, that might be nothing at all. Kirkman has said before that he likes to re-use character names because he thinks it's more realistic to occasionally run into different people with the same first name.
  • I think during the second Episode if you choose Lilly's side over Kenny's she begins to warm up to you which I do believe she takes a liking to Lee as her emotions pour out.

    Larry was Lilly's father - Episode two. When searching Larry's pocket for a coin one of them holds Lilly's mothers ring. It would be too odd for someone who is not her dad to be holding onto her mothers ring.

    As for Lilly's relative being named Everett, this could be a coincidence hinting maybe the two of them are going to hit it off.
  • Larry could be a nickname. Altho hard to trace on what would be the origin
    I mean Everett isn't exactly the most masculine of first names.
  • She should be the same character, as from Telltale's Blog:
    Lilly is the daughter of an Army man. She's no stranger to dealing with rough and tumble military men and can handle herself with ease in tough situations. She's headstrong but will always submit to her father Larry, a grizzled man with a history of heart problems. Fate will one day cause Lilly to play a large part in the life of Rick Grimes
  • Well. TTG said the game takes place in the comic canon. Not the subsequent novel. And if the novel is in the canon of the comic, then IMO it's a blunder on Kirkman's part. As the novel came after both.
  • lWhen RK said that the the Lilly in the game/comic may or may not be the same Lilly in the 2nd novel, that is just RK being RK. He is very secretive about his writing.

    If you read the comics and then read the first novel "The Rise of the Governor," you would appreciate the major curve ball you are given in the end of the book.

    If the Lilly in the 2nd novel is in fact the same Lilly from the comic/video game, I'm hoping all this "Two Names for Daddy" stuff gets squared out.

    After all, she only appeared in 3 issues of the comic. Not much backstory was given to her. But, she does play a HUGE part in those 3 issues.
  • That question was my last post in the Lilly appreciation thread.

    Mods, can you merge most of the threads that dublicate? It's really difficult to keep track of anything with hundreds of threads about the same thing.
  • Imo kirkman probably saw all the hate mail on fb over this game he has got some as well even though he has nothing to do with the release and thought screw this..

    If thatt is the case nobody should blame him for telltales dropping of the ball.
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