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[spoilers]Did You get shocked during the dream sequence?

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Was I the only one being in total shock seeing Clementine being a zombie? I mean we usually dont got much time to think (except if u pause the game to think, but thats kinda cheating right) so when I saw Clementine, i was wondering why she would be zombie, such an important character, and thinking if she had gotten infected by Duck or so.

Anyway, it was a very good thrill. Very unexpected -- unfortunately i missed talking to some people because afterwards you wake up and you have slept. You have to plan it it seems. I wonder if you die if you dont push her off. Maybe i should try that.

But did you get shocked or suprised? I did ^^
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  • Yeah haha. I was like WUT! and tried rapidly to get her off of me.
    I think I lost the QTE cause it was so shocking.
    All I could think about was killing her honestly
    and in the back of my mine I was like how the fuck did she get zedded.
  • It made me jump out of my seat.
  • I wasn't surprised exactly and I remember waiting for the target to show up on her so I could take her out.

    I also wondered what would have happened if in the dream she would have bitten Lee...if it would have counted as a death.
  • I loved the sequence. her sleeping next to you.

    The little sigh i though was adorable. and then WUAH. well done
  • I jumped out of my skin when that happened.
  • Didn't shock me in the slightest, I pegged it as a dream from the get go.
  • It was less of a shock and a "Did they really do that?" to be honest. It was just soooo obvious that was a dream, there was no way she had gotten bitten, and logically, they wouldn't kill her so early in the series (even the weakest writer would be stupid to considering Clem/Lee is the driving narrative force behind everything going on).

    It shocked my brother though, he was sitting watching at the time and we were having a conversation and suddenly we looked back and I was like "What the...? Oh." and he was like "WTF!?!?!?".

    It was pretty funny, lol
  • It shocked me for a second, the way it came out of nowhere. Just as I'd taken my hand off the keyboard, too. XD

    Though I quickly realised it was a dream and chuckled to myself "Ahaha, that was cool. Well played, TTG". :)
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