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The more i play the more i get attached.

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This game does a great job at getting you emotionally attached. I actually think of clem as my daughter while playing this game.
When Lily killed carly, i was really mad at her i left her on the road.
When i played on later i kept thinking wow i wish i didnt do that, even though she killed someone a part of me felt bad leaving her out there with nothing.

It's hard to imagine but i actually see myself as lee.
Right now im just looking out for Clem and me, kenny may be my right hand man, but when it comes down to it, i see it as just me and clem.

Do you guys have the same feeling.
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  • I can't get attached because there's such a long layoff between episodes. I go through it once and forget about it until he next episode comes out but that's just me. Episode 3 was so strong though I can't forget this time lol
  • I literally had to stop and take a break when the whole thing happened with Duck and Katjaa... I was so upset that none of the characters actually said anything emotional, they just kind of let it all happen.
  • I'm definitely emotionally attached to the game. When Lee had that dream about Clem being a zombie, I actually freaked out so bad because I thought it was real. You get attached to these characters that you have an opinion on each and every one of them. After all the episodes have been released, I will play it through in 1 go.
  • God, I've been friends with Kenny since Hershel's Farm, even if he has done some bad stuff since then. And my friendship with Carley (and what would have been more) was pretty much cemented when I saved her from that pharmacy. I couldn't help but get attatched to everyone from the original group, especially Carley and Kenny since they've saved my life just as many times as I've saved theirs. Now Carley's dead and Kenny doesn't seem to have the will to go on. I do see Clem as my daughter as well, which is why I told Chuck I'd throw him off the damn train when he told her that she'd die. Ben too after he admitted stealing the supplies.
  • I was pretty attached, I was doing my best to keep the group together but after ep.3 i don't see much point, the groups gone everyones dead
  • I do like my Lee, he is pretty kick-ass. I've yet to die in a situation unless barring this episode, when I didn't realize I could back up. To me it feels like Lee is the only character left who is worth their salt.

    I mean Kenny can fend for himself, but when it comes down to it he's not once actually saved me, I've only saved myself with him around, and Chuck is new, so I need to see more of him before I can judge him, and with with Omid and Christa I feel like they aren't trustworthy, but again, it has been only part of an Ep with them, so I can't judge yet.
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