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Episode 4 thoughts on who will Live/Die

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As what anyone or everyone played of Episode 3 should see what might happen in Ep. 4. What do you guys think they may do for the episode and do you think they will make the choices more harder and matter even more than in Ep. 3
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  • I don't think that Omid will die in the next episode, it is slighty too obvious. The trailer suggests that his broken leg will be a problem for the group, but the trailers are pretty misleading so far. Like, the trailer for episode 2 implied that there will be a war with the bandits, but in reality the bandits were just a minor inconvenience. Trailer for episode 3 suggested that Lily will shot Kenny, but it played out very differently in the game.
  • I don't care who dies. Everyone that was likable already died. I don't care about the remaining characters.
  • I'm thinking that Omid's gone in episode 4. Once Omid's dead, Christa will probably commit suicide.
  • Me personally i think Kenny will get to cocky and leave the group because he lost his family. We prolly will for Omid either leave him or kill him because once he loses too much blood and dies he can turn into a walker. Christa idk about but the action i did to "Jump" to the train she didnt like so much because i kinda "Pushed" Omid and didnt know he would have broke his leg. and i chose Omid to save first when u get on the train. Clem i could see more into killing walkers since now hopefully most of you taught her how to use a gun and cut her hair. but idk lets hope and see what happens. Hopefully the episode comes out before October 15 cuz thats when i leave for college
  • insert pedo bear meme referencing clem's new friend ;)
  • I think Kenny's done, he won't be a particularly strong presence for the rest of his life as his motivation has pretty much tanked. Omid's leg will be in pretty bad shape by ep4 and I can't comment on Chuck, he's a survivor, but his skills may really only be functional while solo, the group itself might get him killed.
  • Well most definitely the Pre-Order winner In EP4.

    "By pre-ordering the game, you're automatically entered for a chance to join the cast of the game. Our artists will model you in-game as a human who will die a horrible death, returning as a ravenous walker. You'll appear in Episode 4 of the game."
  • My predictions:

    Chuck - Dies

    Lee/Clem - Lives

    kenny- Lives

    Ben - Dies

    Omid- Dies - probably because of leg

    Christa -Lives
  • I think Uncle Ernie on the Radio is going to die.
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