[TWD] game wont run at all

Hi i got game today and it just wont run ive done all steps and nothing will happen ....im usein windows 7 ..my PC is top of the line runs all games on high spec..plz can someone tell me wtf is goin on as after seein the vids i want to get in there lolz....add me on steam " ferocious111 ! THX


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    A friend of mine has the same problem with the Steam Version.
    We unplugged the controller, reinstalled DirectX, did not help at all.
    He also has a Quadcore with an NVIDIA 560Ti and the newest NVIDIA Drivers.

    Hopefully someone from Telltale could answer to this. There are also some people on Steam that have the issue:

    I have ATI and a Dualcore and no problems running it.

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    Don't know if it's coincidence or not. But I am on a 2600k with 560 TI as well. Normal save issues, game would run sometimes, other times it wouldn't. Replayed entire episode 1, saves lost again after that. So I deleted entire game and re-downloaded (Steam version). Now I cannot get the game to load at all. :mad:
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    i got the steam version also and it wont run. before ep 3 came out i could play fine even thou had to start it right from the twd foulder couldnt use steam play button.
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    Compare full stats:

    Win 7 x64
    Steam Version of WD
    2600K CPU
    16GB RAM
    560 Ti
    Steam Build August 22.

    And another question?
    Do any of you perhaps run any screen capture software? Fraps or anything similar to that?
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    Guys, try to rightclick the WalkingDead101.exe and disable visual themes.
    Made it work for us, but you need to change the resolution to your preference each time it starts and you get horrible mouselag. But it works at least I guess.

    But now the game does not recognize any of the savegames anymore.
    WTF Telltale, when are you gonna fix that shit finally?
    What is so compicated about checking the last saved file for decisions and then continuing?
    Holy Crap, I dealt 3 hours with this shit trying all the solutions from this forums and none worked.
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