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How do YOU think it will end?

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I think near the end pretty much everyone will be dead or gone and it will be just Lee and Clemintine. I imagine the ultimate choice at the end: sacrifice yourself (Lee) to save Clemintine, or let her die and live.

If you've got an opinion or comment, let me know what you think!
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  • I'm expecting the game to just... end. I don't think there will be any kind of resolution. Lee will be killed off, and that will be it.

    If there's one thing I've learned from episode 3 it's that the game is not about the "outcome" anymore, but the losing struggle for survival and the horrors that come with it.

    Tbh, I'm hoping for all the characters to be killed off to at least bring a sense of justice for the ones that have already fallen.
  • There will be big happy reunited with Clem's parents. They will die in someabout 30sec. Probably killed by Lee. Lee dying while later protecting Clem. So Clem meybe survive. Who know:D
  • I don't even know anymore. The only way I can see it happening is that Clem turns gets bitten and turns into a walker. For your final choice, you can shoot her or not. In episode 3, it's pretty much clear that Telltale is not afraid to kill off anybody.
  • Thats probably more about will they kill everybody? :D
  • With a, really, didn't all episodes end with an audible "bang"?

    Either that or I remember it from Episode 1 and replay it in my own head at the end of 2 and 3 lol
  • Hopefully not by killing off important characters in ridiculous ways.
    There ought to be more ways to further progress the story in interesting ways.

    Maybe making Lee lose Clementine during a long period of time. And to finally in the last episode discover her in some state (bitten, turned, dead, alive, angry and so on) due to all the decision you've made throughout the game.

    And based on that, Lee can make a choice depending on what has happened to Clementine.

    That choice will be your final, and ultimately ending the game, and the Lee story arc.

    Alternatively, we continue with Lee onto season 2, which I hope they do :)
  • They better not kill Lee in the end, though I have a feeling they will.... :(
  • Viner16;665285 said:
    They better not kill Lee in the end, though I have a feeling they will.... :(
    I feel the same as you do. I don't know how exactly, but I don't expect Lee to survive. As I said earlier, I just wonder if the entire narrative behind his character is to show the horrors of trying to stay alive rather than reach some kind of resolution.
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