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Best ep. so far?

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I'd say 2 > 3 > 1, imo. Though they're all great, and 2 + 3 are pretty darn close for me.
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  • When I was just done with EP3 I thought it was the best thing ever. But when I played through EP1 and EP2 again I decided EP2 is the winner. It was the perfect mixture to me. EP1 was really good but it was more of an introduction and fell a bit short compared to 2 and 3.

  • I think I would go with 2>3>1 as well :) If I have to grade them though they would all receive an excellent mark.
  • That's a tough one. My favourite scene is in episode three, but overall I have to say episode one. It established the characters well and I liked the variation in scenery.
  • long road ahead was more emotions than anything. starved for help was more about survival and how to work with the group. a new day well its a introduction to the series so yea. i picked ep. 2 because it had a good story or something that made me connect with the episode. ep. 3 also had a connection but it was more emotions than survival so yea Ep. 2 imo the better episode
  • For me it was 1>2>3.
    On episode 1 I was so excited what would happen and how my choices play out.
    Episode 2 the whole plot about the St. Johns being cannibals was too obvious but it was still decent and the illusions of my choices was still somewhat believable.
    Episode 3 with the death of Carley and Doug at the same situation and testing the "leaving with Lilly" after sticking to her for 100% of the time since the beginning of the game I realised how the choices have no impact at all, so it was by far the worst episode.

    I don't care about EP4 or 5 anymore, just wanna see the ending of EP5.
  • Easily, far and away, episode 2 for me.
  • i think 2>3>1 but 2&3 are very close, but that may change because when i decided to do a full play through of all the episodes they felt different this time, its hard to say what felt different but it did
  • 3=2>1
    I cannot really decide between the last two episodes. Ep. 2 and 3 were great. I just do not know which episode was better. Episode 1 was good too, but the two other episodes were definitely better.
  • 3>2=1 In my opinion. This episode (3) was absolutely fantastic and I believe TTG really captured the spirit of "The Walking Dead". I'll never complain again about a release date. They're going to have a very hard time topping episode 3 for me, haha.
  • Found 1 the best and 3 the worst because they killed carley
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