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TWD OSX Episode 3 stuck at 99.50% - HELP

posted by blackvulcan3 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.2K users
I have noticed through a few threads that people are complaining of the OSX Episode 3 download stopping at 99.50%, as my download has, and after some hang time (30-45 minutes) crashes the application.

From other threads this occurred in Episode 2.

I did not have this problem, although I did have download issues for Episode 2.

Perhaps we can keep the issues isolated to their own threads so they can be better managed by TT support staff.

If you have the 99.50% issue (as opposed to random percentage download crashes) please list in this thread.
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  • Lucky wench. That was what, my seventh failure? I'll try again next week. Hell may have frozen over.
  • Yep. You were lucky. I've tried half a dozen time today with the 4-5 from yesterday......buggered if I know why TT cant get a download package right
  • I tried several times. On the time I tried and it worked, the download went MUCH quicker right from the beginning so I had a little hope. I disconnected from the internet to skip straight to the menu without having to wait the 20-30mins and then cmd+F out to turn the internet back on and went on to the download and then clicked 'get' on the episode. I'd already used that technique before but the only thing I can think that I did different was being quite slow between clicking through to the download page and clicking on the get button as I was occupied elsewhere so maybe take it slowly?! I dunno. I just finished the episode anyway, think the last is my favourite so far but it's good fun. Best of luck
  • Folks. With all the graphics set to minimum, make sure you're in full screen mode too. It's worked for a couple of others.
  • More information for those still having trouble:

    The game MUST be in full-screen mode for the ENTIRE duration of your download. You must NOT be looking in another window or have a browser open DO NOT leave it to download in the background. DO NOT cmd+tab into another window. Doing any of these things WILL make it crash before it reaches 100% EVERY TIME (this is what those whose downloads fail at 40 to 50% or whatever might be doing).


    1) All graphics and screen resolution set to LOW or OFF.
    2) Game full screen, on the screen, for the entire time of the download

    I hope this works for you, but Telltale really should fix it properly.
  • Done this a few times, guys. No dice. I might try later on today.
  • It doesn't work. I've tried it. It's telltale's responsibility to issue a patch to fix this issue.
    Which they won't do, because they absolutely suck.
  • I solemnly swear not to pre-order another Telltale game.
  • Definitely doesn't work in any combination I have tried.

    Restart imac, nothing else running, 640*480 full screen, all graphics set to low/off.

    Tried both download from main menu or from within save game a number of times.

    Each and every time, regardless of combination, I get to 99.50%.

    Telltale this has been a very disappointing experience from Episode 2 and now Episode 3.

    I agree with RexHunt, no more preordering, wait for the completed game, just not worth the grief.
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    I finally managed to download it guys.

    1. I disabled all antivirus and internet security (I have MacKeeper installed).
    2. Went to Settings>Security>Firewall and added TheWalkingDead app to allow all incoming connections.
    3. Opened the app, allowed it to update in the background at the first screen, turned everything to low/off, resolution 640x480, stayed full screen during the download.
    (I don't know if it matters but I didn't go to Download Content. Instead I hit Play and then Get, at the Episode 3 screen.)

    Hope it helps.
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