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Saving Carly/Lily

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During my playthrough of a long road ahead, Lily shot Carly when I didn't accuse anyone of being traitor and then Lily stole the RV later on. Towards the end of the chapter, Ben admitted to being the traitor. If I replayed the chapter and accused Ben would I be able to save Carly and is it possible to keep Lily in the group? Thanks!
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  • Ofcourse people die in a zombie apocalypse... But killing all interesting characters in 1 episode...
  • It would be a real travesty if Ben lasted longer in the game than Carley/Lilly. Something tells me Ben is finished in episode four.
  • Notice, the game adapts to your choices not Lilly's.
  • What choices did it adapt to? Everyone got the same results.
  • It seems people misunderstand "the game is tailored by how you plan" and think "you can change every single thing and there are a million possibilities"
  • Androu1;665838 said:
    It seems people misunderstand "the game is tailored by how you plan" and think "you can change every single thing and there are a million possibilities"
    It seems some people also misunderstand that everything is literally the same besides Doug and Carley *who die anyway* and Clementine wearing a hoodie or not. How you treat any character in game will not affect there decision to do something important for you otherwise. Only small dialogue changes that literally don't affect the game at all -_-

    I bet in the end, even if you were a 100% dick to Kenny, he will still let you on the boat. Where as a 100% on Kennys side on the whole time would still be able to get on the boat....
  • It affects the way you make decisions as well as the relationships you build with the characters. You can't be sure what is going to impact the end.
  • Grimez;665667 said:
    The new guy (Opti?) was pretty cool though, just wish I could remember his name.
    Omid? :D
  • @yamirziel: yes, it's true, it can impact the end but not the story...
  • I had an alternate playthrough of episode 1 where I was 100 percent jerk to kenny. If you do that, he doesn't save you at the end when Larry knocks you down, and you die. "Tailored to how you play," seems to just mean things happen differently but the result is the same. It doesn't seem feasible though to expect true open-endedness from an interactive narrative, where every possible choice would have to be programmed along with all the choices that branch from that, and insane amounts of additional dialogue would need to be voiced, adding to cost and download size.

    I liked Carley, and I didn't like to see her go no matter what I might try. That doesn't mean it was a bad choice on Telltale's part. It's just that it's a tight rope. If you don't kill anyone I care about, I become complacent, bored, uninvolved, I feel invincible. Kill people I care about without giving me the option to save them, I feel not in control, and like I'm on rails and my choices really don't matter.

    I noticed right before Lily did it, I said something in defense of Carley and was notified "Carley will remember that." Five seconds later she was dead.
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