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Do you think Clementine's mother could still be alive?

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I say "mother" rather than "parents" because it's implied that her father was infected.

What do you think?

Could lead to a rather awkward/interesting situation if they ever find her.
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  • LadyJ;664119 said:
    Their response would be to try and get to Clem if they are good parents. But I question that by their willingness to leave her alone with a babysitter for extended periods of time....
    ...they're not good parents just because they left her with a babysitter for a few days?
  • BlankCanvasDJ;664416 said:
    ...they're not good parents just because they left her with a babysitter for a few days?
    No of course not! I thought it was implicit that this was standard behavior for them, to go out of town and leave her at home. Perhaps accusing them of being bad parents is a stretch but based on my interpretation, they were lackadaisical.
  • Just waiting for the ending that Clem and her mother reunite. It will be a Tearjerker and a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. And then she ask who you are, Clem explains everything and says that Lee is a murderer and a shocked Mother shoots you in the Head.
  • I have a feeling Clementine will end up like Carl: a little more world weary, but very disturbed.
  • I really hope her mother is dead. Cause I want Lee to have Clem to his self. If you know what I mean..haha

    On another note, if she's alive. She might be a good love interest. I mean Lee and Clem's father look similar. SO similar Clem mistakes Lee for her dad. Maybe I can maneuver Lee back into Clem's Mom's life to replace her dead zombie husband :D
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    Thadeum BANNED
    I understood from the next-coming episode trailer that we will finally not be looking for Clem's parents.

    We are investigating a huge city, right? There is no way to lose time on looking for someone who is probably gone a long time ago in this mess full of dangers at every corner.

    Clem's parents won't surface anymore, unless as walkers, because you need Clem until the end of the game.
  • Plausible? Yes, and it would be a great move on telltale's part because of the dramatic tension it would bring. Clem likes Lee and depends on him, but ultimately her desire is to find her parents. It would be heart breaking on multiple levels to see Clem reunite with her mom if she is alive. It would break my heart to have to part with Clem, but I would be satisfied knowing I protected her until she found her family.
  • HannahHomicide;659419 said:
    hahahhaha, it would be funny if we ran into Glenn.
    I highly doubt we'll ever see Glenn again, by this time he's already hooked up with Rick and his band of survivors. :(
  • Our questions regarding her parents should be answered in Ep. 4.

    For the end I'm expecting the worst. TTG essentially said it's going to get exponentially worse from Ep. 3 on.
  • I would expect so. I suppose by then we'll start getting numb to losing favorite (and judging from some of the Carley threads, beloved characters), the writers will have a task on their hands in coming up with characters in unique ways to make us care about them.

    It's probably going to become like it is for some who are caught up in a war. You don't want to get to know somebody too much or care too much about them because they're probably going to get killed and that repeated trauma of losing them won't be very good for you psychologically in the long run.

    Like physical trauma, there's only so much psychological trauma a person can take.
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