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Do you think Clementine's mother could still be alive?

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I say "mother" rather than "parents" because it's implied that her father was infected.

What do you think?

Could lead to a rather awkward/interesting situation if they ever find her.
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  • I would expect so. I suppose by then we'll start getting numb to losing favorite (and judging from some of the Carley threads, beloved characters), the writers will have a task on their hands in coming up with characters in unique ways to make us care about them.

    It's probably going to become like it is for some who are caught up in a war. You don't want to get to know somebody too much or care too much about them because they're probably going to get killed and that repeated trauma of losing them won't be very good for you psychologically in the long run.

    Like physical trauma, there's only so much psychological trauma a person can take.
  • Awesoke;664659 said:
    Our questions regarding her parents should be answered in Ep. 4.

    For the end I'm expecting the worst. TTG essentially said it's going to get exponentially worse from Ep. 3 on.
    How can it get exponentially worse when there's nearly no one left :confused:
  • It will, believe me. They are following Kirkman's vision on this.

    We're only getting started, kids. I have already predicted that Clemmy Clem's first walker kill will be her mum.
  • So basically instead of writing a masterful story where bad things happen? Each writer is in a game of one-upmanship to see who can concoct the worst scenario, irregardless to the overall needs of the plot? No wonder episode 3 was such a let down.
  • The bad things happening were all laid out in the beginning of the story in broad strokes. "Here they choose this character. Here Larry dies, which sets Lily's arc. Here Kenny loses everyone."

    The episodes are later fully written and the oneupmanship occurs after everything has largely been set in stone. Only cosmetic changes happen at that point, nothing cab be insanely rewritten. For instance, the episode 2 writer couldn't have killed Carley just because it seemed cool.
  • I wanna keep on to her highness forever <3
  • The father was bitten, turned and ate the mother. The guy on the walkie is a pedo.

  • I agree that her father's dead, and I sincerely hope her mother is too. The power struggle between Lee and Clem's mother would be frustrating.
  • Fiddle Diddle;658469 said:
    Hell no, I think that she's dead and this man on the walkie has been feeding Clemmy Clem a pipe dream from day one... He probably knows everything about Lee in my play through because I've been so honest with Clem.
    This 100%. Plus from the screenshot someone took, the guy in the shadows looks like Homer Simpson's boss...a codgety old man.

    I dont think Clem's mom is alive unless there is some kind of survival shelter, and even then, it would mean she left her husband in the hospital. Seems very unlikely. My guess is they both died when the hospital got overrun.
    Also unlikely is that Fisher-Price kids walkie talkie has the range to maintain communication further than a few hundred yards.
  • ellakizz;667690 said:
    I agree that her father's dead, and I sincerely hope her mother is too. The power struggle between Lee and Clem's mother would be frustrating.
    The child's mother vs a convicted felon she's known for 3 mos.
    What power struggle?
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