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Episode 4 thoughts on who will Live/Die

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As what anyone or everyone played of Episode 3 should see what might happen in Ep. 4. What do you guys think they may do for the episode and do you think they will make the choices more harder and matter even more than in Ep. 3
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  • Chuck - Expects him to live, die.

    Kenny - Live till Ep 5, die.

    Omid - Expect him to die due to leg, somehow lives by TellTale magic and meds?

    Christa - Expect her to commit suicide if Omid dies, might not in twist of fate.
  • I think Omid will die, Christa will live. Chuck, I can't say. Kenny might die, but he could also live until 5, but I can't see him surviving the entire season.
  • I dunno, due to foreshadowing, relationships and with what happened pretty much everyone is on my "to Die"-list.

    Lee: showing Clem how to survive, might die until ep5 or in it.

    Clem: pretty sure that she will be the only one to survive. But due to this feeling I fear that they might kill her.

    Ben: Fucked the whole group up. Killed Carley, Duck and Katjaa. If Kenny finds out what he did, he is dead.

    Omid: Broken leg, in the comic a similiar incident happend and the person slowly turned (even with professional medical treatment).

    Christa: Probably pregnent, guess that is what the talk on the bridge was about. Suicidal if Omid dies/turns.

    Kenny: Yeah, like, whole family dead. Only purpose lost, he always said how important it is to keep his family safe. YOU ONLY HAD ONE JOB. Dude.

    Chuck: Might get killed with the strangers around, or leaves the group.
  • Lee/Clem - probably zombie/bulletproof until 5.

    Kenny - Kind of a story anchor of sorts... I don't see him dying.

    Chuck - Strikes me as a survivor, will survive or abandon the group.

    Ben - Suicide or Sacrifice or turned into a "distraction".

    Omid - With no medical attention he's already a corpse.

    Christa - I see her as a survivor for some reason.
  • ForgottenKnight;664719 said:
    That could not be true, If I saw good, in the episode 3 image on the game (when you choose the episode you want to play) Duck is on the train, looking healthy.
    This is probably a homage to Kirkman, as he purposely misleads readers on his comic covers
  • I think the Omid's leg thing is a red herring. I think it will turn out that his leg is fine but someone else will need theirs cut off....based on the inconsistencies in previous trailers that were purposely misleading to ward off spoilers.

    How about if Lee dies and you switch to a different character that adopts Clem?
  • I think Ben will live. Omid will die, I think Omid is the only one who dies in this episode.
  • From the teaser. Even after the loss of his family Kenny may be bummed out, but his will to live is very strong. He said you can either stay in Savannah and get swarmed or come with him and head for the boat, and leaving Omid was his words. Kenny may have lost Kat and Duck, but he is still very stubborn and still very much an abrasive personality to dissenters.

    Omid is pegged to die. I'm going with 70% die and a surprise if he lives.

    As stated before, depending on if Chuck finds liquor that may or may not end up costing him, his or someone elses life.

    Ben will survive. Christa as well I believe.
  • I think only Omid will die because of his leg. I see in the last episode some characters die (Ben, Christa, Chuck) and then nearly the end Kenny too.
  • I think Kenny will last until ep 5, Omid will die because of his leg and Ben will die in such a way that we will respect him.

    Chuck and Christa might live, they seem tough.
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