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[Spoilers la de da] Omid is a weirdo and a bitch

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Title says it all, this dude is wayyyy too excited about seeing The Citrus Child and everything he says in the episode is weird as fuck.

When he didn't jump and Lee left him i was glad then this bitch fucks up his leg, i chose not to save him only for him to make it on his own anyway. What the fuck i don't feel like dragging this bitch through Savannah. Discuss.
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  • He's like Doug - only less intelligent. I think he's going to be killed off in Episode 4 anyway.

    And Lee can hook up with his lady. I was pleased as punch that she was a woman. There was a HUGE debate on this forum about her gender (some said she was a male), so I'm glad there's another female on board considering that most of the ladies are dead or abandoned somewhere in the woods.
  • knowing our luck Omid will trip and drop a gun causing it to go off and kill her.
  • I thought Omid was pretty funny. :P I did think it was weird that he was so excited to see a kid though LOL But, ya know, it's zombie world, there aren't many kids around that aren't trying to eat your face off! He'll probably be the next to die though, with that messed up leg of his lol. Then Lee can have his lady :P I don't know what's gonna become of poooor Kenny..
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    That cat quote was hilarious! I kinda liked him. Reminded me of Joker from Mass Effect no less. The "You've got a kid?!" thing was kind of up front, but for a young couple who has maybe just planned for a kid when the whole zombie apocalypse happened, it is rather understandable.

    Most of the kids are killed in the comics rather instantly (especially Hershel's). That might be a trend in Kirkman's whole zombie world. Omid has been walking around for some time now without a human child in sight. Kids are hope. He has every reason to be excited.
  • Ehh...he reminds me of Glenn. Still like him much better than Christa.
  • Funny, I thought he was a lot like Mark at first. I did like the cat comment.
  • A mash of Mark Glenn and Doug
  • I know a few people like Omid. They're just overly eccentric, at times, and people give them funny looks. I don't really dislike Omid, per say, I just don't like his timing. We just got screwed over ten ways from Sunday, and now we happen to run across this happy-go-lucky guy eyeballing Clemmy. If anything, he is an annoyance, at this point and time.

    I think of them as, replacement-wise:

    Christa = Lily.
    Omid = Carley/Doug.
    Charles = Mark.

    I just have a feeling they'll die in the opposite order, if at all. Two episodes isn't really enough to introduce us to Christa and Omid as replacement characters and they'll probably die because of it (We're really not used to them, yet). Charles will probably stay around, as a filler, if anything. I think he replaces Mark, just with a different personality basis. He'll be useful, now and again, and just tag along.

    Really, only time will tell how these new characters pan out. :D
  • Why do new characters have to be replacements?
    Why can't they just be new characters?
  • I think Christa is pregnant and Omid is going to be a daddy. That's probably why he was happy to see a kid in this messed post-apocalyptic world. I thought Omid was funny and the poor guy didn't seem to mind much when Lee grabbed him and dangled him over the edge of the overpass. he gets points for being a good sport and having a very beautiful lady. I like Omid :)
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