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Help (Abe Lincoln Must Die)

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What am I supposed to do after I Win the election, and Abe is rampaging down the street? The gun I have doesn't do a thing. Also, how do I turn the pages in the book on the desk in the White House. Is there a way of changing the month of the calendar?
please Help Me. Thanks :D
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  • Well you never picked it up. As I said before, 'You don't want to blow up Bosco's Inconvenience and there is a rampaging former President on the loose.'
  • Where do I pick the beacon up from? By the way, I appreciate you being so helpful and patient with me. Thanks.
  • When you're in the War room, you see the inside of Bosco's store on the monitor, do you not?
  • Heh I was stuck at the same part for a while, it never clicked in until I read the first hint in this thread. Mumbojumbo is trying to help you. You are right, you need to find a beacon. But where do you find this beacon? Anywhere that you can nuke there is a beacon. So one is on Krypton, the other in the Antarctic, Kremlin has no beacon, and the other is in Bosco's Inconvenience.

    Now which of the four places are you most likely to obtain a beacon, and how can the computer in the war room help you locate it? You'll have fun firing off a couple nukes, so that already narrows the locations down. Once you have the beacon, you can relocate it to whatever you want to nuke the most...perhaps Hugh Bliss, Max (tempting...), or another character?. Really there isn't any more to say without telling the answer.

    Great episode, I'm on to the next one now!
  • Try to kill Bosco, That mite help
  • how do you get abe lincion to call sybil.

    how do you get 100,000,000,000
  • Have you looked at the book on the president's desk?
  • Have you found out that this is a thread for 104, not 106?
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