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Team Lily to the end (appreciation thread)

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This topic contains Comic book spoilers. Read at your own risk

I guess I may be the only one here who would still support Lily if she shows up at some future point in time.
I appreciate her leadership skills, her selflessness (having to make all those little decisions is really difficult) and her reasoning. She tried to keep this group together, she did her very best but some other Kenny always tried to have it their way, always consider what's only best for his family.
I think we all agree it was difficult giving the rations the first time in episode two. We got a glimpse of what she has to do every day. People hated us for those choices, so they hate her even more for having to do it every day. But there's no one else who would do it.

She was still pretty reasonable until Kenny murdered her father. People can complain that he saved them and all that crap... but you couldn't have known for sure and that's the truth. He overreacted and again being the selfish asshole he is, he did the easiest choice for him. Eliminate the enemy and undermine the leader's authority.

In episode 3 we see things haven't changed. Lily is still the only one to really tries to protect the group. Lee, of course, helps always and as much as he can, but others like Kenny... they didn't even feel bad for what they did in episode 2. Kenny ruined this group and yet he still wanted things to go his way. He kept pushing Lily without really doing anything for the group. He was determined to abandon all.
Carley... she didn't really do anything. She could've stepped in and helped Lily when she saw she was about to snap... but she didn't. The only thing she actually did was tease Lee, look cute, and avoid participation in almost every important discussion. The downfall in episode 3 is partially her fault as well.
When the bandits attacked the group it was again Lily that came to the rescue to a group that hated her. Kenny wouldn't swallow my disrespect for him and actually tried to get me killed too many times in this episode.
Ben... and Kenny really started a chain reaction. With both their stupidity combined they managed to indirectly kill Carley, Katjaa and Duck as well destroy the group from within.
Both cowards and both DUBM as a bag of hammers.
I would so love to see them gone in episode 4 & 5. I don't need stupid people in my group, people who know nothing about responsibility or humanity.

It was sad to see Lily snap but I guess there is a line as to where a person can take it. In the end of the day I'm sure she'll regret her choices and will eventually learn from them. She kills Lorry cause she believes they are threatening her group. When she sees how wrong she was she offs the Governor. That's a pretty redeeming deed in my book, one that clearly shows she actually develops.

I would certainly love to see more of her in future episodes/seasons.

So, am I the only one? :D Even if I am, I will still be defending this position to the end :P
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  • YamiRaziel;662596 said:
    Carley died. Why spend time crying about her? She was missing most of episode 2 anyway...
    its just a game why play it at all, its just a waste of time anyway..
  • YamiRaziel;662602 said:
    SonnyN18, trust her, maybe! Rely on her, not really!
    She can shoot walkers but nothing else. Big groups need a leader or that's what happens.
    That's what lee is for, Carley say so herself in part 2. :)

    I still support Lily though, i'm the as kenny put "always the diplomat"

    trying to support both sides as long as the game allows...
  • Well in my eyes at least Lee is more of the muscle and the voice of reason, not exactly the leader. Lilly deals with most of the sh** like rationing the food and keeping lists of medical supplies and stuff.

    Of course, now with Lilly being gone and Kenny slowly slipping into crazy land, Lee is the only leader of this group.
    That chick, Christa, however strikes me as someone who's used to voicing her opinion and actually looks like the dominant of the duo.
  • Personally I thought Lilly was great. She is a lot like Rick, they both are great leaders and can be ruthless about it. They both made mistakes, mistakes that stay with them. Despite all they do they have the best interest in mind, the keep trying to keep the group together no matter what.

    Kenny not only morally destroyed her but, in the state the group was at really contributed to breaking them up, he kept pulling everyone his way, he's got the boat. While Lilly was trying to pull everyone to stay together, the Ben was the one by who's fault there was a witchhunt.

    And she was right, if someone was working with the bandits, then the group was in constant danger, she was close with deductions, and in the end just messed up. I could forgive her, had she not stolen the RV I'd have her put back as the leader, after a break of course.

    And I agree the "Jail incident" was a heat of the moment action and she redeemed herself.

    Also, Raziel please put spoiler tags on the second part of your post, many people here have not read the comics yet.
  • That was a really nice post, Sergiy. I agree that she's a lot like Rick. They are both trying very hard and usually end up broken. I would love it if they meet in the comic book, although, I'm not sure how much he'll appreciate her "jail actions".

    I'm glad that are people who can really appreciate the complicated character of Lilly.

    *fixed. Put a warning on my first post. Thanks for reminding me!
  • kirby18;664609 said:

    fact is lilly saw that her power was diminishing and rightly so, so when carly put her in her place she couldnt handle it. she has no standout characteristics that helped the group in anyway. i personally think you take this stance just to be different... hipster.

    Let me point out that it's not like we just read the same book and to be "different" I'm choosing to like someone that no one else, who read the same book, liked.

    Many choices were made along the way that made my game obviously different from your game. Not in terms of the outcome but rather in terms of relationships. It was very tragic to see my best friend kill my other best friend.

    I hope that you can understand, based on in game choices, that another person may have a different relationship with the same characters you have met and take that into consideration when posting on a particular character's appreciation thread.
  • As much as Kenny won my favor in episode 1 in contrast to Lilly, after the first arguement of letting survivors in, I had Lillys back for the majority of episode 2. Attempting to save Larry was not an exception. And then I willingly went to investigate the supply issue at the beginning of episode 3.

    Did she listen to me when I wanted her to cool it just once? Nope. She ventilated my girls face instead. Her murder was emotionally driven, against someone who wasn't an immediate threat and (although we didn't know at the time) killed the wrong person entirely. She was shooting on an offchance to begin with. Not to mention, it was clear the person she was trying to weed out was acting (extremely stupidly) with the best intentions.

    After saying she's not coming with us, how did she justify her action? By throwing me and Kennys murders back at us. She doesn't even realise the difference when I didn't kill on purpose. Or that Kenny didn't kill based on personal bias.

    She asks everyone to drop it and tries to convince us that she just let it slide when Kenny killed Larry. Like hell she did!

    How else did she argue her case to stay on board? "But I'll die". It's a bit late for that! She was in a condition where the only people safe from a spontaneous bullet was me and the kids. If it's fair, non-hypocritical treatment she wants, the only thing to do without becoming as bad as her is let her wander off and fend for herself.

    And I don't think even god knows how she makes her decisions. She flips her lid when we rescue 2 strangers and get them to the motel, but when it comes to an abandoned car, she doesn't want to take the supplies because, unlike letting some strangers die, taking unattended supplies is "wrong".

    Out of Kenny and Lilly, which one would I prefer to deal with when they crack under pressure? Kenny! By miles. I wish I gave him more of a hand.

    Edit: I am obviously not fond of Lilly, but next to Ben she looks like a gift from heaven.
  • You have to admit, that bringing two more people where theres barely enough food for 4/9 is not the best decision, but on the other hand Lee can't just leave them.

    Yeah she can "flip out" but then who wouldn't?
    Anyone leading a group of survivors, for over 4 months would flip out, and the rivalry with Kenny does not help at all.
  • I liked the tension between Lilly and Kenny. Thought she was a great character, but I didn't like her because I went with Kenny. Thinking about it, Lilly wasn't as bad as I thought she was, and I will miss her. But I stand by my choice to leave her behind, as she flipped and killed Carley for no reason. Don't get me wrong, I don't want Kenny, or Lee to be the leader either. But after Lilly pulled that trigger, she was no longer a part of the group.

    I tried to be nice to her in EP3 because I truly did feel bad for her. Heck, I can even admit that she saved us from the bandits when they captured everyone. Letting everyone know Lee was a murderer, well, can't blame her for that. Lee had to know that was going to get out sometime, which is why I was honest with everyone.

    Honestly, if she shot Kenny none of us could really blame her. And Carley insulted her at just the wrong moment, which set her off. When she told me she really did think it was Carley, I almost let her stay because of her sincerity. But she killed a group member who helped us escape the motor inn (Carley helps hold off the bandits and walkers, while Doug helps fix the RV) for no reason with no evidence. She was just too dangerous to keep around. I'll miss her, but I won't be letting her back if she miraculously shows up again.
  • It would be cool if she makes a cameo in the final episode only in the stories of those players who have chosen to run away with her :) Of course that won't happen probably, but still...
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