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An Open Note to TT: No More Suicides, Please.

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Not that I'm against the idea - in the real ZA this would happen a lot.

My beef is that it is a cheap and lazy way to delete a character from the story line. You get way more bang for the buck and emotional impact if they get eaten.

You should also consider that in the case of some really annoying characters, you are depriving the walkers of a well-deserved meal.

Just my two cent's worth.
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  • I dont think there will be anymore suicides... If omid or christa does it because the other one dies that would just be recycling katjaa nd duck. Kenny has been around for 3 episodes they wont off him in a cheap way like that. Chuck is way to laid back about doing that, and ben doesnt have the balls to do it.
  • Wait. There was a suicide in epi one? Y'all talkin about the girl who was bit at the hotel? I don't count that as a suicide that was like....I'm bitten I must die or turn. The only other one is the one I heard of with Ben telling of what happened at his school. Aside from that and Katjaa did I miss something?
  • Androu1;665918 said:
    I bet Ben will end up committing suicide... he even say so himself, kinda.
    I hope not, I been polishing a bullet with his name on it!
  • Kat's suicide was well written and made sense in the context of the story, hell it even suprised me. What suprised me more is when Lee runs over and one of the dialog options was "what the hell did you do?"
    Makes me think that it may not have been a suicide after all and maybe kat ran in front of Kenny at the last second and he shot her..
    Meh prolly just a suicide tho.
  • the dialog option is actually "What the hell happened?"
  • It was, but for some reason when I chose it, he says "what did you do" iirc.
  • Kat's death was sort of understandable, and she did say that she loved her son "more than life itself" which should have raised an alarm bell with me but didn't at the time she said it.

    The only real complaint I have so far is that we left our three dead unburied, for the walkers or woodland critters to chew on. I wouldn't leave Carley by the roadside, and there's no way on earth that Kenny would leave his family unburied.

    It would have been a nice way to end a cutscene- seeing the RV pull away, leaving three graves at the roadside with a note from Clem on each marker.
  • so you have a train running, no walkers, 2 corpses to deal with plus the grief and the remaining group are probably worried..

    but would you risk it, making more noise, turning your back to the elements and lettign your guard down just to be respectfull to the dead ?

    how do we know chuck/ben wouldn't steal the train from us..

    there was still forshadowing in this ep but not as obvious.

    personally just cos the op wants to see people being eaten, which to me is actually more cheap and lazy where as a noble, honest suicide, is in this case katjaa made the right/real hard call, while harsh and unfair on kenny but a mother's love is a mother's love..
  • Ignore this thread.

    Telltale is not overusing suicide nor delivering any suicides in a manner that don't feel genuine. Also, everything's already been written and our feedback won't change anything major. (We might get an added joke or line of clarification.)
  • I think more suicides would be fine as long as it's not the same way the other two suicides have happened (Pistol to the head). I realise this is an efficient way to off yourself but for story purposes it shouldn't really be done in the majority of episodes.
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