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Episode 4 thoughts on who will Live/Die

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As what anyone or everyone played of Episode 3 should see what might happen in Ep. 4. What do you guys think they may do for the episode and do you think they will make the choices more harder and matter even more than in Ep. 3
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  • Omid almost certainly.
    Chuck: unlikely.
    Christa: Maybe but probably not.
    Ben: Probably but if he doesn't die in Savannah then he won't survive episode 5.
    Kenny: Almost certain that he won't, unless he takes his own life, but somehow I just don't see it.
  • I'm leaning towards Ben. Omid? Seems kid of obvious, but of course I have to throw his name in there.

    Forget it. They're all dying. That's my prediction. lol
  • I replayed episode 3 last night and I talked to Ben while on top of the train(which i hadn't done in my first play through) before the Herd comes, and he says how if he gets grabbed he's gonna "punch his own ticket" so I think they're foreshadowing his fate next episode.

    Also why does everything you say to Ben have to be hostile, I'm trying to be nice to him to show him he is still one of us, but no matter what I end up being a dick to him. It sucks, I like Ben. I even gave him food in the 2nd episode.
  • My guess:

    Lee/Clem - Lives
    Kenny - Lives
    Chuck - Lives
    Ben - Dies
    Omid - Dies
    Christa - Dies
  • Well, I think:

    Lee/Clem: not very clear to me, maybe there will be different endings, where Lee, Clem, or both die.

    Kenny: something tells me he'll make it. Don't know why, but I think he'll survive.

    Chuck: I can see him slipping away from the group for whatever reason, so I think he'll live, but will disappear from the game.

    Omid: don't know how long he'll last, but with that leg of his... I'm fairly sure he won't make it.

    Christa: she'll probably not be able to cope with Omid's death and will kill herself in a heroic manner... like, "Everyone, get on the boat! I'll hold them back!"

    Ben: I'm not very sure about him. I want him to make it, but I think something will happen along the way and he'll end up dying, probably not by "punching his own ticket" because that would be too obvious.
  • I'm thinking that Kenny's going to die in the next episode.
  • I bet according to who you sided with the most, Ben, Omid and Christa will all be able to die this episode. But maybe not forced considering its the climax the episode after and divergencies are kind of expected considering there has to be alternative endings--or maybe everyone will have a different route but have the same ending, would work for season 2.
  • YamiRaziel;664780 said:
    As to stay on topic, I don't think that they will play the suicide card again...
    They already have played it, in a way, Ben said that if hes grabbed by a walker he's going to punch his own ticket, meaning he'll commit suicide.
  • Sir Fruitcakes;680749 said:
    They already have played it, in a way, Ben said that if hes grabbed by a walker he's going to punch his own ticket, meaning he'll commit suicide.
    Yeah but this is The Walking Dead. Most likely scenario. Ben is surrounded by walkers with no way to escape. Puts a gun to his head, fires...but he has run out of ammo. Gutted!

    Omid is in a bad way. The fall from the train, episode 4 trailer all point to his death. But in episode 3 who would have guessed Carley/Doug, Katjaa and Duck would die?! Expect the unexpected. Omid will survive, or maybe it is a choice Lee must make. Leave him behind to die or carry him to safety and risk the group.

    I think Christa will survive. Depending on the ending of the series, she may become a surrogate mother to Clem. No chance of her killing herself, she seems a tough one and unlikley to take that exit strategy.

    Chuck is a tricky one, but I think he will die. He has been too level headed and helpful so far. He gave candy to the kids and great advise to Lee. Clearly he must die for that!

    Kenny will survive. He is a survivor, if he was going to kill himself it would have been in the forest with his family. Him and Lee may part ways as he is determinded to get to a boat then coming back at the end of ep5 to rescue the group (and maybe Lee if they are friends).

    Clem will be fine in episode 4 but come 5 I think her life will hang in the balance. I think our choices leading up to this episode will decide if she lives or dies. Or if Lee is around to protect her or if it falls to one of the other group members (Christa is my guess).

    Lee will survive. The next series will feature him but I don't think he will have Clem anymore. Either Clem dies, rescued by Christa or finds her mother. In any case I think the Lee/Clem plot will end in series one. I imagine Lee getting Clem to safety on Kenny's boat with her mom or Christa and then being trapped in Savanna as the rest of the sail off. Series 2 will then open with Lee surviving alone, before meeting a new group.

    We know we will meet atleast one human who will then die horribly (pre-order competition winner) plus we have walkie-talkie-stalkie-man to contend with. So I think the death count will be quite high in this episode.
  • My guess:

    Lee/Clem - Lives - think they have to make 5 at least, I'm a sucker for happy endings so I'd like to see them last and then new characters / location for series 2.

    Kenny - Lives

    Ben - Dies - I'm expecting a fall out and redemption death saving Kenny or Clem

    Chuck - Lives

    Omid - Dies - Yeah, fodder character if I've ever seen one

    Christa - Dies - You would normally expect people introduced when the story has been mostly told to be nothing but a dramatic death.

    I'm expecting a Lily based cliffhanger too.
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