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The Traitor

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My thoughts are larry despite being dead he could of been hording food for himself, of course if the thieving is on going it isn't larry but it could then be lilly. she would blame everyone else to undermine lee and kenny causing the group to implode and well who the fuck knows !
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  • have you see the other polls in threads ? some of them have a 'joke' choice it's how we roll here ;)
  • I'm not exactly sure why or what the "traitor" is doing from what I've seen in the trailer. Lilly makes a comment about "trading" which makes me assume that someone is dealing with the bandits much like the St. Johns with their BBQ Mark legs.
    But then again, maybe someone, like a lot of you seem to think, is taking it for themselves or for their family/loved ones.
    Either way, I'm not sure it's anyone in the group. Could be Ben but I think Lilly might just be setting all this up for some reason.
  • Some of you guys off with the offer food stuff Carly/Doug will take food. Just depend what you offered them. If you give carly an apple she shall take it if you give doug beef jerky he shall take it.

    Now that is out the way the number one suspect would be Kenny then Doug or Ben. Maybe Clem only because she wants to search for her parents and this her way of motivateing the group to decide to head towards Savannah.

    But there another problem with Clem being the main suspect Lilly said in the RV someone let the bandits into the motel. Now I dont see Clem doing that. So it could be two things happening someone taking food and someone who is working with the bandits on the low low.
  • I was right. It was Ben.
  • Ben is the filthy traitor.
  • I'm calling it, after next episode everyone will love Ben.
  • The traitor told me that he was the traitor.
    He admits it if you talk to him
    It was Ben He did it because the bandits were holding one of his friends hostage and he had to or they would kill him
  • lol at jake picking every option..
  • I thought it was robin :D
  • I pick Ben!

    I'm just taking a wild guess here.

    Wow, this thread is a bit aged.
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