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Team Lily to the end (appreciation thread)

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I guess I may be the only one here who would still support Lily if she shows up at some future point in time.
I appreciate her leadership skills, her selflessness (having to make all those little decisions is really difficult) and her reasoning. She tried to keep this group together, she did her very best but some other Kenny always tried to have it their way, always consider what's only best for his family.
I think we all agree it was difficult giving the rations the first time in episode two. We got a glimpse of what she has to do every day. People hated us for those choices, so they hate her even more for having to do it every day. But there's no one else who would do it.

She was still pretty reasonable until Kenny murdered her father. People can complain that he saved them and all that crap... but you couldn't have known for sure and that's the truth. He overreacted and again being the selfish asshole he is, he did the easiest choice for him. Eliminate the enemy and undermine the leader's authority.

In episode 3 we see things haven't changed. Lily is still the only one to really tries to protect the group. Lee, of course, helps always and as much as he can, but others like Kenny... they didn't even feel bad for what they did in episode 2. Kenny ruined this group and yet he still wanted things to go his way. He kept pushing Lily without really doing anything for the group. He was determined to abandon all.
Carley... she didn't really do anything. She could've stepped in and helped Lily when she saw she was about to snap... but she didn't. The only thing she actually did was tease Lee, look cute, and avoid participation in almost every important discussion. The downfall in episode 3 is partially her fault as well.
When the bandits attacked the group it was again Lily that came to the rescue to a group that hated her. Kenny wouldn't swallow my disrespect for him and actually tried to get me killed too many times in this episode.
Ben... and Kenny really started a chain reaction. With both their stupidity combined they managed to indirectly kill Carley, Katjaa and Duck as well destroy the group from within.
Both cowards and both DUBM as a bag of hammers.
I would so love to see them gone in episode 4 & 5. I don't need stupid people in my group, people who know nothing about responsibility or humanity.

It was sad to see Lily snap but I guess there is a line as to where a person can take it. In the end of the day I'm sure she'll regret her choices and will eventually learn from them. She kills Lorry cause she believes they are threatening her group. When she sees how wrong she was she offs the Governor. That's a pretty redeeming deed in my book, one that clearly shows she actually develops.

I would certainly love to see more of her in future episodes/seasons.

So, am I the only one? :D Even if I am, I will still be defending this position to the end :P
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  • I never considered Lilly leader material. She played favorites with her dad and a true leader eschews favoritism.

    As far as her "military" experience goes...

    She's a clerk, for Pete's sake. The dialogue in the game makes her out to be some kind of Green Beret badass.

  • When does she play favourites? When rationing the food? As far as I remember she played a lottery to determine who's getting food. If anyone was played favourites it was Lee and Kenny.
  • She sides with her dad on every issue, even when he's being foully abusive and completely out of line.

    When it's called into question she says "he's been through so much, he's lost everything except me..."

    Who the F**K hasn't? Every member in the group has lost loved ones- do any of them expect a pass for bad behaviour on that count? I think not.
  • That's not exactly true. He's the one that's siding with her. Plus she even admits that he can be a little tough but doesn't mean ill.
    She takes the position she believes is right. She tries to keep the entire group save.
    Does Kenny do that? No
    Even Lee shows more favouritism than her. Choosing Doug/Carley, choosing the people to feed... etc.
  • YamiRaziel;666488 said:
    . She tries to keep the entire group save.
    What about Larry trying to kill Lee? He gets a pass for that, and right on the heels of Larry threatening Lee yet again Lilly tells Lee "we're lucky to have you.."

    Inconsistency is not what I look for in leadership.
  • chaz99;666497 said:
    What about Larry trying to kill Lee? He gets a pass for that, and right on the heels of Larry threatening Lee yet again Lilly tells Lee "we're lucky to have you.."

    Inconsistency is not what I look for in leadership.
    Am, why do you think she knows about that? Do you think that Larry will go and tell her "Am, sweety, I just tried to kill the man that saved me because he's a convicted murderer and might harm you"
    So you're calling her inconsistent and playing favouritism for something she doesn't know and hasn't done? I'm sorry, mate, but your arguments do not ring true to me.
  • In ep 1 it did seem like she always went along with her dad instead of the other way around. Ep2 as well, to an extent. I was excited about seeing her unburdoned by her father in ep3, then again I said the same thing about Kenny and his family. Maybe I should stop wishing for things.
  • Even before Larry died she was becoming unglued; and in the sequence dealing with the rations, she clearly has a martyr complex.

    And her final act as "leader" she murders a member of the group and (if you choose to keep her with the group) abandons the group when the consequences are apparently clear. Not very impressive leadership skills, if you ask me or anyone else with any understanding of leadership.

    I understand the structure of the game, but she doesn't undertake any of the key missions (like helping Glenn, gathering supplies or checking out the dairy with Lee). A real leader leads from the front, not from the lawn chair on top of the Winnebago.
  • She's protecting the group from the traitor... If Carley explained it wasn't her and it must have obviously been Ben since there was nobody else, she would be alive and the traitor gone. Instead she started attacking Lilly back and well, we know how that ended.

    Lee's the muscle type of leader that runs around and goes hunting. There needs to be somebody who keeps some sort of order in the group and as well as that protect that kids. If you've saved Doug there will be nobody to defend the camp except for Lilly.

    I think you're expecting more of her than anyone can deliver...
    That group was bound to fall apart the moment that salt-lick smashed Larry's head.

    Edit: What sun sign do you think Lilly is? :D I would say she's a Taurus - gentle and tender at one moment and devastatingly furious and headstrong at other. She has the need to see everything working perfectly as a true Taurus and has a latent liking for leadership.
  • I think she killed Carley because Carley never recognized Lily as the leader of the group. Carley and Glenn saved Lee even though Lily and Larry forbid them to. When Kenny were giving out orders for the first time Carley responds "got it, boss" and Lily looks at her mean mugging. Larry definitely didn't like her so they probably talked a lot of shit about her in private. If you help Larry maybe she gets feelings for Lee and becomes jealous pf Carley on top of that (or a least since she doesn't like Carley is trying to protect Lee from a manufactured threats). Lily snapped when Carley expressed her opinion and killed her in cold blood. She is way in the wrong and murdered an innocent woman. It doesn't matter if you feel sorry for Lily because of what happened (which is very sad and unfortunate) she has lost her mind and was not to be trusted. She was a big danger to the group and who knows what she would do if they let her stay in the group? Who she would think did what and who she thinks is her enemy and not to be trusted. She went over the line and is a lost cause.
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