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[SPOILERS]How will *** be remembered in the next episode?

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Probably Carley/Doug were destined to die by Lilly's hand the moment they wrote the script for this game. Even so, I'm still sadden by Carley's death and there is two more episodes to go to change things. Whether TTG have any further plans and surprises or perhaps the storm swirling over her death might get them to alter the story a bit... we can hope.

However, I doubt she can be brought back but I don't mind being wrong here. What I would like to see at least is Carley being mentioned in a few conversations. Lee using her gun. If possible, Lee thinking of her in dream or getting knocked out (or falling on his head will do) and hallucinating. What do you think?
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  • I miss you Doug you big loveable guy you!
  • StreetsAhead24;666727 said:
    I like this idea. Also most likely some conversations where Lee is reflecting on Carley's demise. It would be a real shame if she is forgotten because what's also great about the walking dead is the protagonist's own personal torment and sorrow of losing something or someone important.
    This is also a very excellent point.
  • Lol, I friggin' LOVE the eye-patch idea!
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    Zeruis;665708 said:
    I'm going on the fact that Lee is using Carley's gun. It would be cool if Carley is "indirectly" helping him survive.
    that is ludicrous. in ep2 she said her gun always is attendant so lee's gun was not she's gun
  • I, Myself, Think it's for the best in a dream. If telltale revived Carley i'd be pissed even more. I mean, Kill off a character and bring him back? This ain't no fairy tale.
  • While you all weren't looking, a funeral was held by all the cast.

    The zombie pallbearers following the train to Savannah carried Carley's body and stood respectfully aside (although the moaning is unavoidable), while Lee lowered her body into an open grave. The cast, including Herschel, Glenn, and Lilly, each dropped a handful of dirt and said their goodbyes. Clem solemnly added a flower sticker peeled from her walkie talkie. It was all very emotional.
  • LOL - That just screams "photoshop me"
  • all I saw in that poll was 'eyepatch' : vote registered
  • As everyone cries at the funeral, Carley shows up from nowhere with an eyepatch.

    Carley: "Arr, who be inside the casket? Ye all seem to be in need of some ALE! Yarrr!"
  • I'm hoping that doug getting shot in the head, didnt completely damage/destroy the brain so that i can be reunited with my friend once more, then i'd do something similar the shaun of the dead and tie him up and put him in the train or something and just talk to him when im lonely. :D
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