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[SPOILER]Chuck/Charles - character/predictions

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Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike Chuck at all. I like having someone who is generally optimistic and easy going. After all the stuff that happened in this episode, it's a welcomed attribute to have. Having a hobo is a nice change of character types in this story too. And he's voiced by the Bastion narrator? Awesome!

My problem with Chuck, however, is how his character integrated into the plot and his character growth. It feels like he was kind of forced in just to be the "magical mystical" character. You know what I mean. The "comes in and convenient solves problems" kind of guy. Movies have used the "magical mystical gay guy/old man/Morgan Freeman/etc" for years so I think we can recognize them. It's not a bad character, but sometimes a too convenient character.

Here's some things that bugged me about it:

- Somehow he manges to talk to everybody in the minute Lee walked to the boxcar and became everyone's best friend by giving them candy

- Raises no qualms about stealing his house, supplies or anything. I didn't expect a fight or anything, but maybe a bit more concern on his part.

- Has to have a pointed moment where he speaks the voice of reason and fixes all the problems immediately facing Clementine

- Mostly speaks in cryptic thoughtful dialogue. It's good dialogue, but it doesn't reveal much about his character

- No real character progression to speak of. Pretty much unchanged by the events around him. Yes he wasn't in it a lot but he was present for some big moments. Even Ben had character growth for his small role.

I'd be fine having him around, but I really hope they give him more of a personality and traits to make him a developed character instead of a convenient plot device. There's great potential for him. It just needs to be realized.

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