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Has the wait turned you off about the game?

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Has the 2 months wait for the 2nd episode turned you off?
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  • Id rather wait 2 months and it be good than 1 and it be rubbish.

    I admit that it does get frustrating but what can you do?
  • Wrighty;666926 said:
    Id rather wait 2 months and it be good than 1 and it be rubbish.

    I admit that it does get frustrating but what can you do?
  • QuarterPounderVlad;666910 said:
    ...Really? has the wait turned you off?
    ...No. It's a game. Check the delay between starcraft 1-2, Diablo 2-3, And then this. 2 months per episode. No problem with me.
    Apples and oranges....
  • 2 months betweens episodes are fine with me,and i can imagine how much whining there would be if they would release unfinished episode faster just to please some peoples.

    Anyway TT is hiring and that can mean they future releases may have more content or be complete faster (or both).
  • I don't mind the wait between episodes, but it does bug me a little that these only contribute to the wait until Telltale finishes making its current slew of games.

    The Devil's Playhouse came out two years ago. We still have Fables and King's Quest to get through, too! I mean, I'm sure they'll be good games, but it'll be nice to get back to franchises that don't have to worry about "paying tribute" or "getting it right" and can focus more on just plain being fun.

    At least we got Puzzle Agent and Hector in the meantime.
  • I don't care how long I have to wait if the episodes are of great quality (which they have been so far). I'd rather they took their time and made it great rather than rush it a little and just have it OK.
  • Short answer: Nope. Waiting time always gets me more exited. :P
  • yeah it ruins alot of it, i simply cannot remember what i said or didn say, or did or didn do in what situation, its just to long apart.

    Hopefully they will learn and if they do a season 2, they will do a full game. A game that focuses so much on the small details of what you say or do, its just to long apartment.

    I just dont have such a good memory.
  • I'm actually liking the gap between episodes. The time passes by pretty fast for me anyway, it isn't like I don't have plenty of other things to do while I'm waiting.

    I really like the surprise of logging onto steam and seeing that TWD is downloading a new episode.

    It's almost like the gaps make the game better for me. If the whole thing had come out at once and I'd beaten it in a weekend it probably wouldn't have had that much of an impact on me. Instead I like sitting down and enjoying an afternoon with a new episode. I look forward to what's going to happen and spend as much time as I can talking to everyone and making sure to explore everything.
  • After finishing Ep3 and dealing with everything that happened, I still want to play. I cant wait for Ep4, I hope something happens to make up for 3. This image fits my feelings right after finishing Ep3.:D

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