Telltale dissapoints me...

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no real updates on jurassic park,
no patches,
no new content,
not even something they really changed after the release.

its like they dont give a [you know] about this game. (just look on the homepage) I loved it - but i wish they would show more support or something. :(

they just dont care... i waited so long for this game and we people in europe didnt even get a 360 release.
the pc version is cool... and still buggy and unstable sometimes.

please telltale. do something.



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    Bugs are the least of this game's problems.

    It's best to just pretend Jurassic Park never happened.
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    I still think Jurassic Park and Rampage Edition on Mega-Drive/Genesis is amazing. I also thoroughly enjoy Operation Genesis. This game not so much.
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    Yeah, man... just... try to forget. Imagine what could have been, mourn it, and then move on.
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    What are you guys talking about! This game was the greatest. Just because you guys don't like it doesn't mean you can complain. You should have thought about that before you bought the game and done more research.
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    Jurassic#2 wrote: »
    What are you guys talking about! This game was the greatest.

    and that is your opinion, not fact.
    Just because you guys don't like it doesn't mean you can complain.

    It kind of does as long as it is well thought criticism.
    You should have thought about that before you bought the game and done more research.

    Believe it or not, that's hard to do when you preorder.
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    Gman5852 wrote: »
    and that is your opinion, not fact.
    That is true, but it's not good enough to complain over. Just accept it and move on. We don't need useless posts about how the game is not right, or how it's not up to par. It's just dirtying up the forums.:mad:

    Gman5852 wrote: »
    It kind of does as long as it is well thought criticism.

    Really...:mad:. We don't need these POSTS!!! They are a waste of bandwidth, and frankly I don't care. Instead of complaining maybe you should be suggesting things for the new Jurassic Park game that telltale could make. I know for a fact that Telltale doesn't like these kind of posts either. Put these posts in the useless talk section.:eek:

    Gman5852 wrote: »
    Believe it or not, that's hard to do when you preorder.

    :eek::eek::eek: Didn't you see the videos that telltale posted about the button press action events and how they are a big part of the game. They had only a five minute documentary about how they were changing the way telltale makes games. Only someone who didn't see these would not know. So don't tell me it's difficult, any person knows that they should research before they buy. I do admit that sometimes games don't give enough information, but this is not one of those games. Check Game Informer for christ sake! that's what it's there for!:cool:
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    Look, it's very simple.

    The game is not terribly bad, but nowhere good or decent aswel. Given the expectations it's been a huge dissapointment to almost all, except for a few die-hard fans of either Telltale or the Jurassic Park license, who will most likely applaud anything that comes out on this.

    If you pre-order, you're taking a big risk....and doing so is usually for the fanboys of Telltale. They'll like anything anyway.

    But if you await the reviews of various reputable Adventure gaming sites, than you'll see plenty of warnings concerning this game. That should be sufficient.

    On the aggregator site like, the game has an avg. of 5.5 out of 10 based on 24 reviews.
    That screams "mediocre". So it's not terrible, but it will have many many flaws.

    If you are a critical gamer, than stay clear of such titles and take something else. If you're not and are simply looking for a Jurassic Park experience of any kind, than this may be for you.

    It's not rocket science, just use some common sense!
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    Yeah guyz, stop complaining already. This game was AWESOME. It was simply the best game evar made by anyone and everyone should love it. If you dont, then FUCK OFF THESE FORUMS!!!!!!!!!!111

    [sarcasm mode off]

    People are still commenting on this one? :)

    Telltale is doing the right thing, simply forget about it, pretend it never happened and move on, learn from their mistakes and doing better on the next game which wont be Jurassic Park-related!

    And thats what they did, I'm playing The walking dead right now and loving it. After making their worst game, they made their best game so far. It made me forgive what they did to my favorite movie.

    Its like with the Batman-movies of Joel Schumacher, just pretend they never happened and watch The Dark knight Trilogy instead ;)
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    I agree with you on this one Sadonicus!
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    Jurassic#2 wrote: »
    I agree with you on this one Sadonicus!

    Kinda hard to fight back when the majority is against you
    You say we don't need this on a forum
    Granted whats need this is what a forum is made for
    Giving you're opinion ideas and communicating with the community
    Plus you're complaining in greater strength about the haters than the haters so you're a hypocrite
    Jeez I don't get this much fan defensiveness on a tobuscus comment page
    If you don't agree don't complain
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    What would you know you only have three posts! Bug off! If you want to say your feelings fine! But DON'T INSULT! It's not nice!
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    Please keep it civil in this necro'ed thread, guys. And elsewhere, for that matter.
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    yes I agree, Sorry for my outburst. Just don't like being called a fag! Delta you really need to control your anger on the forums. I can see it doesn't matter anyways because by your tag you're banned. You got what you deserved.
  • while that post was perfectly matching my feelings towards "jurassic park" (loved everything but the controls), i have to bow and thank telltale (and all involved ppl) for "the walking dead".

    hell of a game. too bad i only got to play it by now. but those 24 hrs i'll never forget (yea... gaming life)

    i wish jp would be "remastered", could've been a similar success.

    now we're back to telltalge quality as it should be. MORE!

  • In my opinion, this is the worst game of all time. I am glad Telltale abandoned this franchise.

  • I've seen plenty of games that offered no updates patches or additional content after release. As long as it's not a promise being broken, I don't see what the problem is. What would you like to see updated or patched?

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    I actually enjoyed Jurassic Park. The story, the artdesign, nearly everything... but it had its technical flaws - which i wish, they would work on.
    There is nothing about walking death, that could interesst me at all. i watched the first episodes, i even played it a little bit... but just not my thing. i really enjoyed Sam and Max - which i consider as the best games they made.

    I just want a little bit more support for Jurassic Park. A cinematic mode maybe, where i can "watch" it after my playthrough, without those rough cuts, when the game loads something. or some improved jungletextures or somehting. nothing more.

    telltale stands for quality - and i´m just mad because they just released it and yeah... the release itself was a mess! in europe they didnt even release the xbox retailversion. and then, after the release, they just forgot. JP was the first and only time, i felt TT just made it wrong, not because of the game itself, but because of the support.

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