The Walking Dead Graphical Issues

Hello. I downloaded Episode 3 when it came out, but what I noticed was some odd graphics in the game which had never appeared before on the previous episodes. This can vary from the characters being completely black to red, green and blue. This doesn't happen all the time, but something that's always there is some kind of flickering pixels on the screen. I've attached a picture. My pc's specs are:

Windows 7
Intel Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz
ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series

Also when I record with Fraps the game tends to run really slow especially during the cutscenes. It sometimes goes down to 5-10 fps, if maybe lower. The flickering pixels and the graphic bugs has also started to appear on other games such as Amnesia, Portal 2 and Guild Wars 2. I've downloaded the latest graphic update, so I'm clueless right now as of what to do. Some help would be appreciated :)


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    Mine slows down when there's a bit of work to do, BUT overall decent. I have Windows 7, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 with 256MB dedicated and over 3000MB shared and my computer is not an i7. My overall Windows "Experience" number is 4.9, with video impacting what is in general over 6.0 on everything else. So definitely sounds like you might have some resource / config problems somewhere (I know--OBVIOUS).

    Sounding like a support guy--Have you updated your computer's software lately? Was there a time when this WASN'T a problem on this game?

    Do you have the ATI software installed?
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    The only thing I have updated for sure is the graphic card, and yes, it wasn't until I installed Episode 3 and/or Guild Wars 2 that I noticed these issues. I haven't been playing much games since Episode 2 of TWD, and my computer ran it just fine back then, only some minor lags here and there. The only thing I've been doing since then until this weekend is recording, editing and uploading Nintendo64 emulator videos. I updated the graphic card right before I downloaded Episode 3, so for all I know that could be the reason for the issue as well...:confused:
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    Do the other games experience the problem or only TWD? That would help narrow it down as well. If possible turn off the bells and whistles on graphic details and work it back up to a reasonable level. I'm guessing either a game installed a conflicting driver component messing up TWD or your graphic software update is dorking with it. Hard to tell with the data I have. Sorry.
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    Other games has the graphical glitches, like flickering pixels and weird sprites, but only TWD has the probelm that it runs really slow, especially during cutscenes when there is a lot happening on the screen. This problem occurs usually when I record the game with Fraps.
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