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Do you think it would be possible to cure an infected person?

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Hey guys, so I've recently thought about this.
What if you were actually able to stop an infection if you were to act fast and had the proper medical supplies?
Now, I did not study medicine, but here's what I understand:
1. After someone was bitten by an infected zombie, the zombie sinks their teeth in a victim's skin, causing a wound and bacteria from their mouth and saliva to get into the wound.
2. Infection is never instant in a real-life situation. If you have, say, experience in medicine, have the proper medical supplies and perhaps even a doctor near you, a real-life infection could be cured almost instantly.
Now, if you were infected and had so much experience and expertise in medicine, and acted fast, do you think you'd be able to cure your infection?
As soon as you get bitten and kill the zombie, you clean your wound with a medicinal towel, then pour a lot of peroxide on the wound, clean it again and swallow some anti-bacterial pills (I'm not sure those exist) and do whatever you can with the medicine you have to get cured.
So, what do you think? Vote in the poll and then post your opinion.
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  • The comic, as well as the tv series showed, there is no cure other than amputation.
  • JabbaDaHuttX7;666341 said:
    I... don't understand why that's stupid.
    would you leave a secure bunker, knowing all the bad things that are happening and that the military isn't winning, and that you are not only one of the few survivors of the human race, but also one of the few people that can cure it?
  • The Enclave sure as hell didn't, Stalkinghead.
  • Drbg;667287 said:
    The Enclave sure as hell didn't, Stalkinghead.
    yeah i think living in bunkers is more believable than everybody leaving them mid apocalypse
  • wellgolly;667307 said:
    Quick disclaimer:
    I still have yet to play episode three, and only read the comic up to (SPOILERS)the issue where they flee the prison I think? it's been a while.

    But if I remember right, the only difference between the survivors and the zombies are that the zombies happen to be suffering a case of Being Dead, which would be pretty hard to cure.

    The only way to check if the infection was cured would be to kill all your test subjects.
    i would have thought if a scientist found a cure, there would be a better test than kill the patient to see if it worked
  • If you are talking about real life then yes, but it acquires kinda type of an operation.
    And like the boss said...

    "Nothing is impossible, everything is possible - Steve Jobs."
  • If you really think about a ZA its really the end of humanity. Like that test in Star Trek that has no successful outcome. *Everyone* is already infected; almost all forms of military, science and medicine are in chaos so not only is the cause and cure unknown; our top scientists are either dead, in survival mode because all major cities are prime target for undead...short of it running it's course like a plague, it's pretty much a wrap for human life
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